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Planning Notices

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Planning Notices for development proposals in Saugeen Shores are listed below.

Name Property Address  Type Application
Town of Saugeen Shores general application Zone Amendment Notice of Meeting
Manninen 106 High Street Minor Variance, Consent A-24.17.48, B-39-17.48
Greig 5612 Highway 21 Consent B-37-17.44, B-38-17.44
Currie 47 Albert Street North & 225 Landsdowne Street Minor Variance, Consent A-22-17.46, B-36-17.48
Levack 1264 McKenzie Street Minor Variance A-23-17.46
McFadden 109 McVicar Street Minor Variance A-21-17.44
Midghall 60 Knechtel Lane Consent B-31-17.48
Barry's Construction no assigned address Minor Variance A-17-17.46
Williams 538 Catherine Street Consent B-30-17.46
Zinkann 9 Birch Trail Minor Variance A-10-17.44
Sherwood/Simoes 182 Market Street Minor Variance A-9-17.46
Redhawk Construction 2089 Bruce Road 17 Minor Variance A-8-17.44