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Significant Growth in the Town of Saugeen Shores

Posted on Tuesday February 13, 2018


2017 Report from Development Services shows incredible increase to Permit Value and number of Building Permits issued


Saugeen Shores, ON;

The Town of Saugeen Shores is continuing to grow, as proven through the 2017 year end report to Council from Development Services.

When comparing to 2016, the Town saw an increase of 22% in building permits issued. The 421 building permits issued in 2017 include 108 new homes, 95 multi residential family homes built or being built in Saugeen Shores.

In addition to the increase of building permits, the total building permit value increased a dramatic 74% from 2016. Construction value capped at $76.7mil in 2017, with projections to surpass this amount in 2018.

“Saugeen Shores is in the midst of a major growth period. We’re experiencing spin off from the largest infrastructure project in Canada, happening only 25 km away at Bruce Power, in addition to being a choice destination for entrepreneurs and tourists. The Town has positioned ourselves well for this significant growth, and we welcome all new residents and businesses to our community” said Mayor Mike Smith.

“Staff continue to work closely with developers, builders and residents to help them achieve their goals. We’re fortunate to experience this growth and predict significant growth to continue through 2018” said Bart Toby, Manager of Development Services, Chief Building Official.



Since 2015:

45% increase in the number of Building Permits issued

107% increase in the Value of Building Permits issued

In 2017 number of building permits vs the number of (building dept) employees is 140 permits which is above average of 110 permits

In 2017 construction value of permits per (building dept) employee $25.57 million dollars which is above average of $13.83 million dollars

Strong Growth in 2017 is anticipated to continue for 2018, Smart Construction Growth, increases assessment revenue and helps the town in planning short and long term projects