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Winter Reminders - Bylaw and Plow Info

Posted on Monday November 20, 2017


As the winter weather returns, the Town reminds residents to adhere to parking bylaws

Saugeen Shores, ON;

As the winter weather arrives, the Town of Saugeen Shores is reminding residents and visitors of snow removal practices and changes to parking bylaws.

Between the dates of November 1st and March 31st there is no overnight parking on streets or in municipally owned parking lots. Cars will be ticketed and towed where necessary to carry out snow clearing.

Snow plow routes for roads and sidewalks are done in priority sequence. Access to Highway 21 and access to local schools are deemed first priority. Plows may be pulled from lower priority areas to go back to high priority areas during intense or long snow storms.

During long and/or intense snow fall, it is sometimes necessary to take plows off the roads to give drivers the mandatory rest periods as set by the Employment Standards Act of Ontario. During those times roads may be closed or have deeper than normal snow. The Town of Saugeen Shores asks for your patience and understanding and will resume plowing when conditions are safe.

Residents are also reminded that driving on a closed highway is prohibited. “Where signs or traffic control devices have been posted or placed under subsection (2), no person shall drive or operate a motor vehicle on the closed highway or part thereof in intentional disobedience of the signs or traffic control devices.” Please obey road closure signs at all times.

Always drive according to the conditions, it is for everyone’s safety.