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Sign Permits

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You need to submit an application for a sign permit if you want to install or replace a ground, wall, projecting or mobile sign.

All applications are reviewed for compliance with the Sign By-law. Please view our sign pamphlet for frequently asked questions.

Do I need a sign permit for all signs?

If you are installing an election sign, contractor sign, sandwich board sign or private warning/identification/directional sign you do not need a sign permit. Please call us if you have any concerns about whether you need a sign permit. We would be pleased to serve you.

How to Apply for a Sign Permit

Fill out a Sign Permit Application or pick up a paper application at the Town Office

  • Include the following documents:

    • a site plan showing the location of the sign
    • two sets of sign plans and specifications
    • application fee
  • Submit your completed application form and required documents to the Town Office in person
Permit Fees

Type of Sign


Ground, Fascia, Projecting


Awnings & Marquees


You may also qualify for a reduction in the sign permit fees required for your sign if the land is located within downtown Port Elgin or downtown Southampton.

Fees in these areas are 50% of the required fee.

For a complete list of fees view our Classes of Permits and Permit Fees