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Water Services

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The Town of Saugeen Shores owns 1 water system and is responsible for:

  • Maintenance of the municipally owned Water Distribution System is currently operated and maintained under signed contract with the Ontario Clean Water Agency (O.C.W.A.)
  • Operation of the municipal water treatment plant currently located in Southampton is operated by O.C.W.A. under signed contract
  • Preventative maintenance of the distribution system involves items as listed:

    • Maintain, operate and replace water services and hydrants
    • Maintain and replace water meters
    • Locate water services
    • Maintain, flush and upgrade the water distribution system and operate water main valves and valve boxes 

We are responsible for:

  • 150 km of water mains
  • All municipal water mains up to individual property lines

Annual Reports:

Homeowners are responsible for:

  • Water lines on their property
  • Making sure that the puck on your water meter found outside your house is clear of debris for readers to be able to obtain an accurate read

View our Watering By-Law for more information.

Water and Sewer Billing

In the Town of Saugeen Shores, water and/or sewer bills are distributed to anyone who is using municipal services. Bills are sent out bi-monthly and are based on a minimum flat rate (depending on the size of meter) plus volumetric charge based on water consumption.

View our Water and Sewer Rates page.


Please visit our Call Before You Dig page.