Signs of waterfront stewardship all over town

Posted On Friday September 20, 2019
Dune grass sign - Southampton flagpole
Dunes sign near the Southampton flagpole

American beachgrass (dune grass) is a native plant providing many benefits to landowners. Saugeen Shores recently installed a series of educational signs in Southampton and Port Elgin to inform the public about the purpose these plants serve.  

Dune grass provides a habitat for many coastal species and stabilizes the sand, preventing erosion during storms. Since healthy dune systems provide free shore protection, they are a cost-effective, natural method to ensuring the overall health of our waterfront.  

To help protect the beautiful conditions of our beaches, it's in everyone’s interest to respect the dune grass. So, the next time you’re at the beach, look out for our new signs to educate yourself about how to sustain these important natural resources.  

We’d like to extend a warm thank you to Bruce Power for funding these signs. 

To learn more, view our guide to Waterfront Best Management Principles.