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Saugeen Shores is located on the shore of Lake Huron, in Bruce County. It is conveniently located within a 3-hour drive from major centres, including Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo and London. Its combination of urban and rural lifestyles creates a healthy work-life balance.

Learn more about Saugeen Shores through the Community Profile (June 2017) and by listenting to the Shore Report.

For up to date statistics on demographics, labour force, housing, taxation and more - Saugeen Shores, Townfolio

Check out the Development StoryMap which highlights commercial and residential opportunity.

Saugeen Shores' Economic Development Strategic Plan outlines a mission to establish a balanced, vibrant economy through managed growth, strategic investment and collaboration.


What's it like to do business in Saugeen Shores?

Aecon Group Inc., Port Elgin

Hatch, Port Elgin

Kaumagraph International, Port Elgin

Rosina's Restaurant, Port Elgin

Martin's Bicycle Shop, Southampton

Progressive Results Group, Southampton

Southampton Olive Oil Company, Southampton


Business Opportunities

  • Saugeen Shores is a popular destination for thousands of seasonal visitors, with travellers from all over the world attracted by its natural beauty, attractions, and stunning sunsets.
  • Saugeen Shores is unique with its two distinct urban cores. Quaint Southampton resembles a turn-of-the-century fishing village with its variety of retail boutiques, restaurants and gift shops. Port Elgin's eclectic main street features varied retail, gift shops, restaurants, grocery stores and boutiques.
  • Saugeen Shores and Ontario's energy sector have a long-standing relationship through the region's largest employer, Bruce Power. A considerable number of Bruce Power's 4,200 employees reside in Saugeen Shores, attributing to the Town's average income per capita at 33% above the national average1.
  • Two-thirds of the land within Saugeen Shores is excellent for cash crops. Livestock operations include beef, dairy cattle, and hogs. 

    1 FP Markets - Canada Demographics 2012

Current Incentives

  • Development Charge Exemptions
    • Non residential in commercial core
    • Mixed use (residential/retail) in commercial core
    • Government funded/supported affordable housing in commercial core
    • Conversion of vacant structures
  • Reduced Development Charges
    • Non residential (expires Aug. 8, 2018)
  • Building Permit fee reduction for accessibility/facade improvement in commercial core
  • Sign Permit fee reduction for accessibility/facade improvements in commercial core


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