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Downtown Revitalization

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Creating a strong and vibrant downtown business core is the purpose of Saugeen Shores downtown revitalization. Downtowns play a vital role as they are a centre of commerce and create gathering places for our community and visitors.

In partnership with Bruce County's Spruce the Bruce program, downtown revitalization efforts are focused in 4 main areas:

  • Organization - Ensures the coordination of all downtown stakeholders in the development and implementation of a common revitalization plan.
  • Economic Development - Assists merchants in targeting new customer/market segments and identifies new business opportunities that could compliment the downtown mix.
  • Marketing and Promotion - Creates a positive brand of the downtown to help both individuals and groups successfully promote the businesses and activities of the downtown to both locals and visitors.
  • Physical Improvements - Restores fa├žades, streetscaping, parks and green spaces, parking, safe and walkable communities.

Community Branding Toolkits

The Town has created a toolkit for each of Southampton and Port Elgin.  These toolkits showcase both downtown Southampton and Port Elgin, their unique identities and opportunities. Consistently applied, the toolkits will provide the communities with a revitalization plan. By focusing efforts and being strategic with both public and private undertakings we have the potential to create an atmosphere that attracts more visitors, businesses, and creates a vibrant, self-sustaining community for residents.