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Site Plan Control means that no one can develop a property unless the Town of Saugeen Shores has reviewed and approved certain plans. Once the plans are approved, a Site Plan Agreement is executed. This agreement binds the owner to develop and maintain a site in accordance with the approved plans and the terms of the agreement. Building Permits are not generally issued until a Site Plan Agreement is executed.

What is the purpose of Site Plan Control?

The Site Plan Application process allows us to review and approve the following:

  • Building siting and site design
  • The relationship of the proposal to surrounding land uses
  • Driveways, curbing and traffic direction signs
  • Loading and parking facilities
  • Emergency vehicle routes
  • All pedestrian accesses, such as walkways and ramps, and their proposed surfacing
  • Landscaping for the site and for the protection of adjoining lands
  • Refuse and other waste material storage and collection areas
  • Grading and servicing
  • Need for road widenings
  • Exterior design of buildings, including character, scale and appearance.
  • Sustainable design elements within the adjoining right-of-way such as trees, landscaping, paving, street furniture, ramps, accessibility, waste and recycling containers and bicycle parking facilities

Site Plan Control ensures that our standards and requirements are met, as well as those of the County of Bruce and any other agencies.

Who is Affected?

Site Plan Control applies to all lands in the Town except the following types of development in accordance with our Site Plan Control By-law, as amended:

  • A single detached or semi-detached dwelling
  • Farm buildings and structures located in the Agricultural zone
  • Some enlargements or building additions

How does a person apply for Site Plan Control?

Applications for Site Plan Approval are available in the Development Services Department. The basic process for receiving Site Plan Approval is as follows:

Step 1 - Pre-consultation

Applicant consults with Staff of the Town before drawings and plans are submitted.

Step 2 - Submission of Application

Applicant submits a completed Application for Site Plan Approval. Supporting documentation and a fee are required.

Step 3 - Consideration by Town

Town discusses the application and suggests any changes to the site plan.

Step 4 - Preparation of detailed Site Plan drawings

Applicant obtains Town comments, as well as direction on the preparation of detailed site plan approval drawings and an explanation of any other supporting documentation required. Applicant returns detailed site plan approval drawings and any other supporting documentation required.

Step 5 - Site Plan Agreement

Site Plan Agreement is drafted by Development Services Department when applicant provides acceptable detailed drawings. If detailed plans are not acceptable, Step 5 is repeated until plans are acceptable to all departments.

Step 7 - Execution of agreement

Town Staff finalizes the Site Plan Agreement and forwards to the owner for execution. Owner returns the executed Site Plan Agreement and any required fixed payments or securities to the Town. The Agreement is placed on the Council Agenda for consideration and approval.

If you want to develop in Saugeen Shores please contact us. We can discuss your needs and determine if you need Site Plan Control before you develop.

Site Plan Process Flowchart