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What is a Zoning By-law?

A Zoning By-law controls the use of land in the community. It controls:

  • How land may be used
  • Where buildings and other structures can be located
  • The types of buildings that are allowed and how they may be used
  • The lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, building heights and setbacks from the street and other property lines

How do I find the zoning on my property?

  • Review the Zoning maps to find your property
  • Determine the zoning
  • Look in the Zoning By-law to find the zone provisions

What if what I want to do isn't allowed in the Zoning By-law?

Sometimes, what you want to do isn't permitted. The Town's Zoning By-law may be changed if you can justify what you want to do. If you need only a small change, you can apply for a Minor Variance. If you need a big change, you can apply for a Zoning By-law Amendment.

Approval isn't guaranteed, but you do have the opportunity to apply for a change. Our Staff would be happy to assist you.

Saugeen Shores Zoning By-law 75-2006

Zoning By-law 75-2006, as amended.