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Heritage Award

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The "Heritage Conservation Award Program" is to recognize individual contribution to the promotion of heritage in the Town of Saugeen Shores.  The guidelines for the Heritage Conservation Award Candidate are:

  • Voluntary public promotion of the importance of preserving significant heritage structures
  • Leadership in the restoration and preservation of heritage structures (buildings, bridges, etc.)
  • Long standing voluntary service as a member of a Municipal Heritage Committee or other organization dedicated to preserving heritage structures
  • Personal collections of local artifacts, heritage photographs or memorabilia that are shared with the community to promote appreciation of heritage
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 View the Summary of all award winners

2016 Winner - Jeanette Steeves

2015 Winner - Ken Cassavoy

2014 Winner - St. Paul's Anglican Church, Southampton

2013 Winner - Saugeen Rail Trail Committee, Saugeen Shores

2012 Winner - Walter Mackowski, Southampton

2011 Winner - Jack and Marion McDermid, Saugeen Township

2010 Winner - Matt and Tim Weichel, Southampton

2009 Winner - Dunblane Church Committee

2008 Winner - Brian Cleaver and the Southampton Art School Restoration Committee

2007 Winner - Audrey Underwood

2006 Winner - Jack Shilling

2005 Winner - Grosvenors Restaurant