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There are numerous competitive teams and recreational sports groups, leagues and organziations in Saugeen Shores. For a detailed listing of sporting group contacts please visit the Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce website.

Saugeen Shores Pickleball Project

The Saugeen Shores Pickleball Project is designed to foster the growth of pickleball as a year-round sport within Saugeen Shores and the surrounding area through the provision of equipment and the development of community partnerships. The project is funded by the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund.

How the Project Works

Community use partnerships have been established with the Bluewater District School Board, Port Elgin Missionary Church and Saugeen First Nation. In exchange for use of the equipment, these organizations have offered the use of their facilities for pickleball play at designated times.

Interested Community Organizers can set up an agreement with the Project Volunteers to set up a regular time to play pickleball during the off-season (October to May).

Learn more about the project: Saugeen Shores Pickleball Project

Contact the Project Volunteers to get started!

Project Objectives

  1. Provide equipment and establish partnership agreements for pickleball play within non-municipally owned facilities for play during the off-season (October to May).
  2. Increase pickleball play across all ages, particularly among youth and within the Saugeen First Nation community.
  3. Support the addition of pickleball programming at local schools by providing instruction, access to equipment and lined courts.
  4. Create opportunities that promote physical activity and improve overall well-being.