COVID-19 safety protocols

We are excited to welcome you back to our outdoor sports facilities. Review the safety protocols below prior to arriving for your activity. 

Complete COVID-19 screening

 Screening and contact tracing


All field users, including spectators and officials must screen for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering the outdoor facility. If you or any member of your household have any symptoms, answered yes to any of the screening questions or have been advised to stay home, do not come to the sports field.

Use Ontario's screening tool prior to every visit. If you feel sick, please stay home. Leagues may have their own screening protocols.

Contact tracing

Facility users are responsible for keeping a record of all participants, spectators and officials in attendance at any rental. 

Masks and face coverings

 Masks or face coverings are required when: 

  • Arriving and leaving sports fields (from the parking lot to designated areas)
  • Travelling throughout the sports field area
  • In the washrooms
  • When checking in with team screener
  • Any other time when physical distance can't be maintained

Masks or face coverings are not required:

  • In players' areas when physical distance is maintained
  • In spectators' areas when physical distance is maintained
  • When engaged in sport
Sports field expectations

Leagues, teams and players

  • Dugouts will be used for players for games only when distancing is possible
  • Avoid sharing equipment. Disinfect between uses
  • No sharing of water bottles, food etc. No handshakes, fist bumps or high fives.
  • Masks can be removed in players areas with physical distance maintained and on-field
  • Arrive no early than 15 minutes before your scheduled start time
  • Leave ball diamonds immediately following end of practice or game


  • Bring your own chair and sit in designated spectator areas
  • Bleachers are open at soccer fields with limited space available
  • Bleachers are closed at ball diamonds
  • Masks can be removed in spectator areas if physical distance can be maintained from others
  • The general public is not permitted to spectate
  • Stay in your designated area and do not enter team areas
  • Respect posted capacity limits. Avoid interacting with spectators from other fields during your visit


  • Washrooms are open. Wear a mask inside and when travelling to and from, the washroom
  • Players and spectators must check-in with designated team screener
  • Sanitize hands when checking in and frequently as required
  • Avoid gathering in parking areas or around fields
  • Stay in designated areas and follow posted signage


  • Parking remains the same at most fields except Cameron Park
  • Vehicles are not permitted past the concession building at Cameron Park to reduce congestion
  • Parking is available in the lot to the east of the entrance driveway
Field layouts
 Ball diamonds
Photo Gallery: COVID-19 Ball Diamond Layouts will appear here on the public site.
 Soccer pitches

J.H. Robertson soccer fields

Main Field and U12 fields

This map provides a birds eye view of the J.H. Robertson soccer fields

Mini Fields

This map provides a birds eye view of the J.H. Robertson soccer fields

Helliwell soccer fields

This map provides a birds eye view of the Helliwell soccer fields


 Beach volleyball courts
This map provides a birds eye view of the beach volleyball courts at the Port Elgin main beach

Outdoor sports facilities

Saugeen Shores has several types of sports facilities throughout the municipality to accommodate our vibrant sports and recreation community. Expand the headings below for more information.

Ball diamonds

Soccer pitches

Athletic parks


To rent one of our sports field facilities, please contact our Programs and Facilities Booking Co-ordinator.