Our Building Services issues building and demolition permits within the Town of Saugeen Shores.

Building permits

You need to submit an application for a building permit if you want to:

  • Build a new building or structure over 108 ft²
  • Repair, renovate, add to, or demolish an existing building
  • Build a deck
  • Erect a sign (regulated by Section 3.15 of Division B that are not structurally supported by a building)
  • Erect a tent or group of tents that is more than 60 m² in aggregate ground area, attached to a building, or constructed within three metres of any structure
  • Install a new septic system
  • Install a solid fuel appliance (i.e. woodstove or fireplace)
  • Change of use

All applications are reviewed for compliance with the Ontario Building Code and Zoning By-law requirements.

View more information on how to apply for a building permit, and associated fees. For Development Charges, see below.

Demolition permits

Demolition permits are required for all buildings greater than 10 m², with the exception of farm buildings.

View more information on how to apply for a demolition permit, fees and further requirements needed before demolition.

Development charges

In addition to permit fees, we collect development charges to cover the cost of infrastructure, like roads, sewers, water, fire stations, police stations, recreation centres, libraries and more. We usually collect these charges at the time of your permit issue.

How development charges are calculated

View our Development Charges Pamphlet to find out how development charges are calculated.

See our Development Charges By-law for more information.

Development Charges Review

Throughout 2019 the Town is updating and reviewing the Development Charges by-law. This content will be updated as we proceed.