Once you have received your permit and the work is underway, you will require building inspectors to visit your site and sign-off on your work at various points in the project. You can request these inspections through Cloudpermit.

How do I know when an inspection is required?

You can find a list of required inspections for your permit on the "WORK" tab of Cloudpermit. Here is a list of the typical stages of construction and when to call for inspection:

  1. Footing - Before pouring footings
  2. Foundation wall - Before backfilling foundation
  3. Rough Plumbing - Completion of plumbing rough in
    • A water or air test is required
  4. Framing - Completion of framing. You must complete the following before you request a framing inspection:
    • Have approved plans on site (including engineered Truss and Floor Plans)
    • Have the stairs installed
    • Have the roof completed
    • Have the mechanical systems such as the plumbing and heating installed (water or air test required)
  5. Fireplace rough in
  6. Insulation and Vapour Barrier - Completion of insulation. You must complete the following before you request an insulation inspection:
    • Have all windows and doors installed
    • Have a vapour barrier installed
  7. Aboveground Plumbing - Final inspection of plumbing
  8. Occupancy. You must complete all items on the Occupancy Permit Checklist before you request an occupancy inspection.
  9. Final - Structure is fully complete

How do I request building inspections?

To request building inspections from the Town for your building project, please use Cloudpermit. Please notify Building Services through Cloudpermit at least 48 hours in advance to arrange for an inspection.  

Request an inspection

Need help requesting an inspection through Cloudpermit?  A step-by-step guide to help you is available.

Guide to requesting inspections on Cloudpermit

Who is responsible for requesting building inspections?

The person who has been issued the permit is required to notify Building Services during various stages of the project's construction.