All cats must be registered with the Town of Saugeen Shores, except for cats in the Agriculture Zones. It is against the Animal Control By-law to allow your cat to run freely off your property unless the owner of the property has given you permission.

Cat tags and microchips

You can register your cat and purchase a cat tag at the Saugeen Shores municipal office, or pre-register online with our Animal Tag Registration Request form. You can also purchase replacement tags for a small fee. A cat tag must be attached to your cat's collar at all times.

We can register your cat with a microchip for a one-time fee. You must notify us if there is any change to your cat's information.

Lost cats

Please call the Southampton Pet Hospital at 519-797-2960 and our Animal Control Officer at 519-832-3470 immediately if your cat is missing.

Animal Control fees

  • Cat licence fee from January 1 to March 1 (includes cats acquired within previous 3-months): $16.68
  • Cat licence fee from March 2 to December 31: $27.79
  • Lifetime registration with microchip: $16.68
  • Animal reclaim fee - first offence: $11.18
  • Animal reclaim fee - second offence: $27.80
  • Animal reclaim fee - third offence: $82.32
  • Cat - running at large: $100.00
  • Cat - failure to licence: $100.00
  • Cat - failure to leash: $100.00
  • Being the owner - making a false statement: $155.00
  • Being the owner - allow animal excrement to cause nuisance: $205.00
  • Animal Control Officer fee: Actual cost
  • Vet clinic charge - board fees and treatments: Actual cost