You can drop off construction waste at our Southampton Landfill.

Construction waste categories

There are four types of construction waste to sort your waste into:

  • Household (includes insulation, plastic, glass, shingles, drywall)
  • Wood (includes plywood, laminate flooring, sub flooring, construction wood, furniture)
  • Metal (includes nails, rebar, lead, copper, aluminum, electrical wiring)
  • Concrete (includes rubble, brick, cement)

If you are planning on disposing your demolition waste at the Saugeen Shores Landfill you will need to complete a Designated Substances Survey. We may impose conditions based on the results of the survey. For more information, email our Manager, Environmental Services.

Sorted and unsorted waste fees

You must sort and separate your construction waste before disposal. The landfill fee for sorted waste is $108.77 per ton. The fee for unsorted waste is $217.55 per ton.

Asbestos waste and disposal

We accept asbestos waste at our landfill.

You must call our Public Works staff at 519-832-2008 x130 to notify our landfill operations that you are delivering asbestos waste at least 24 hours before your delivery. Our staff will ask you for how much asbestos you have and arrange a time for arrival.

Our staff have the right to refuse the delivery at their discretion.

Asbestos waste requirements

Asbestos waste being taken to our landfill must be:

  • In a rigid and sealed container that cannot be easily opened. The container must be strong enough to hold the weight and nature of the waste.
  • Sealed in a six-millimetre polyethylene bag when placed in a cardboard box.
  • In a container free from punctures, tears or leaks. No asbestos can lie on the outside of the container.