Demolition permits are required for all buildings greater than 10 m², except farm buildings.

How to apply for a demolition permit

The Town is pleased to offer residents, builders, and the business community an online application system to apply for and track your building permits.

The online building permit system allows you to apply for and to see the status of your application anywhere, at any time. You can start an application and finish it later, and receive email updates on the status of your permit application. You can even request building inspections!

Apply for a demolition permit

Need help getting started with Cloudpermit?  A step-by-step guide to help you from login, to submitting your first application is available.

Guide to Cloudpermit

If you are having difficulty using Cloudpermit, please contact the Building Department for assistance at or 519-832-2008 ext. 118. You can also access support through Cloudpermit's online portal.

Cloudpermit Support

What documents are required for the permit application?

You will need to upload a site plan indicating the structure to be demolished in order to submit your application through Cloudpermit. 

Professional engineer requirements

If you are applying for a demolition permit, you will need to retain a professional engineer (P.Eng) to perform a general review of the project during demolition, where:

  • The building exceeds three storeys in height or 600 m² in building area,
  • The building structure includes pre-tensioned or post-tensioned members,
  • The demolition will extend below the level of footings of any adjacent building and occur within the angle of repose of the soil, drawn from the bottom of these footings, or
  • Explosives or a laser will be used during demolition (Division C, of the Official Building Code)

Disposing demolition waste to the landfill

If you are planning on disposing your demolition waste at the Saugeen Shores Landfill you will need to complete a Designated Substances Survey. We may impose conditions based on the results of the survey. For more information, email our Manager, Environmental Services.

Asbestos disposal

Read our Acceptance, Handling and Disposal of Asbestos in Landfill Summary for more information on disposal procedures for asbestos. Email our Manager, Environmental Services if you have any questions.

Demolition permit fee

A demolition permit fee of $151.25 is required prior to approval of your application. View methods of payment acceptable for permits.