If you are planning to install any type of driveway or entrance into a property from a municipally owned road, you must first apply for a driveway permit.

How to apply for a driveway permit

Complete the online Driveway Permit application.

Application review process and installation

  • After receiving your application, an inspector will visit the site and inspect your proposed driveway/entrance.
  • If your application and inspector's review is approved we will contact you. If requested, we will send you a signed copy of your driveway permit. Please allow at least two weeks to receive approval.
  • Your driveway/entrance will be installed. After installation, please e-mail or call Building Services to book a final inspection at 519-832-2008 x118.

Driveway permit fee

A permit fee of $274.61 is required upon submission of the driveway permit application. $200.00 of this fee is a deposit that is held until the driveway is installed as per approval. This fee must be paid by cash, cheque or debit. The remaining $74.61 is kept for the inspection of the driveway. This fee can be paid by Visa or Mastercard.

Once we have confirmed the driveway or entrance complies with the approved application, we will refund you $200.00.