A nuclear emergency can occur from an accidental or terrorism-based intentional release of potentially harmful radioactive materials. In both situations, your health is at risk with exposure to radiation.

Remember that these situations are very unlikely thanks to regulations and controls that govern nuclear and radioactive materials. All levels of government and operators of Canadian nuclear facilities use emergency plans for your safety.

What to do in case of a nuclear emergency

Remain calm and listen to the radio for instructions from Town officials to let you know what to do. Officials will evaluate the risk to your health from radiation exposure and take appropriate action to limit your exposure and risk.

You may be told to shelter-in-place or evacuate. If officials tell you to seal your house from outside air, immediately close all doors and windows. Turn off your fans and heating or air conditioning units.

If you were outside at the time of the nuclear emergency, remove your clothes and seal them in a plastic bag. Rinse your hair and body while showering and put on clean clothes. Use clothes from a closed drawer or closet.

Find your emergency supplies kit, turn off appliances and stay indoors. Continue listening to your radio for further instructions.