In order to provide the many municipal services and programs that you use every day, we collect revenue through property taxes. Your property tax payment supports the local municipality, the County of Bruce and the local school boards.


Paying your property taxes

Learn more about paying your property taxes, including:

  • Bill schedules
  • Payment options and forms
  • Penalties and interest charges

How your taxes are calculated

Your taxes are calculated using the assessed value of your property, multiplied by the current tax rate. The Municipal Property and Assessment Corporation (MPAC) provides this value.

Learn more about your property assessment.

Tax rates

Find the current tax rates by viewing this year's table below. This will help you figure out your tax class's rate. We have also provided tax rates for past years.

Local improvements and other charges

If applicable, your property tax bill may include other amounts owed to the Town, such as:

  • Sewer and/or water connection charges
  • Encroachment fees
  • Business Improvement Area (BIA) annual levy
  • Tile drainage loan payments
  • Other fees as approved by Council

Tax certificates

You may email the Property Tax department with your written request and a copy of your cheque. There is a fee of $58.11 per roll number or $74.43if required within 48 hours.

Tax Account History Requests

For such items as bill reprints(email or mail), current or historical statements and receipt requests please send your written requests to Property Tax department. There is a fee of $8.85.