We regulate on-site sewage systems under the Ontario Building Code Act.

When is a septic permit required?

You need to apply for a septic permit if you want to:

  • Install a new septic system
  • Replace an existing septic system
  • Repair a leaching bed
  • Demolish or decommission a septic system

Who can design and install a septic system?

On-site septic systems must be designed and installed by licensed professionals qualified by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

You may install and repair your own septic system with a permit and inspections from the Town's Building Services.

For more information on the design and installation of septic systems, view our Guidelines for Submission of an Application for a Sewage System Permit.

How to apply for a septic permit

Follow these steps to complete your septic permit application:

  • Submit your completed application and required documents one of the following ways:
    • In person or by mail to the Municipal Office at 600 Tomlinson Drive PO Box 820 Port Elgin ON N0H2C4.
    • By email to Building Services. Please note, you will be charged a printing fee ($18.08 per page larger than 11x17”, $.36 per page smaller than 11x17”) when submitting by email as we require physical copies of required documents. 

Septic permit fees

  • Class 2, 3, 4 or 5 New or Replacement System: $613.19
  • Class 4 or 5 Tank Replacement Only: $319.92
  • Class 4 Leaching Bed Repair: $319.92
  • Demolition/Decommission Permit: $143.97

Fee payment is required upon pickup of the approved permit.

View our list of fees for more information. See our methods of payment accepted.