Building Services issue temporary tent permits to those looking to set up a tent or group of tents.

When do I need a temporary tent permit?

You need to apply for a temporary tent permit when you are setting up tents that are:

  • More than 60 m² in an area (single tent and group of tents)
  • Attached to a building
  • Assembled less than three metres from other buildings or structures

What information is required for the permit?

For a building permit for a temporary tent, you will require the following documents to apply for the permit:

  • Site Plan - of your property showing the size and location of all buildings on the property and the location of the proposed tent.  Accurate measurements from the property lines to the proposed Tent are required. This can be hand drawn but must be clear, accurate and include all necessary measurements;
  • Tent Drawings - Note: If tents are larger than 2420ft² or contain bleacher then a P. Engineer design is required for the framing structure and the anchorage details. A part 3 Commitment form is also required from the engineer;
  • Certificate of Flame Resistance: Confirmation that the flame resistance of the tent conforms to CAN/ULC S-109-M or NFPA 701; and
  • Other information and/or approvals as required i.e. Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority approval, etc.

How to apply for a temporary tent permit

The Town is pleased to offer residents, builders, and the business community an online application system to apply for and track your building permits.

The online building permit system allows you to apply for and to see the status of your application anywhere, at any time. You can start an application and finish it later, and receive email updates on the status of your permit application. You can even request building inspections!

To get start, click the following link:  Apply for a Temporary Tent Permit

Visit CloudPermit application

For step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a building permit through Cloudpermit, please see our How to apply for a permit document. If you are having difficulty using Cloudpermit, please contact the Building Department for assistance at or 519-832-2008 ext. 118. 

Once the application has been reviewed and is ready to be issued, applicants will be notified of application fees owing via Cloudpermit. Cheques can be dropped off at the municipal office (600 Tomlinson Drive, Port Elgin) drop box located to the left of the Plex entrance. Once payment is received, the building permit will be issued on Cloudpermit.

Temporary tent permit fees

A temporary tent permit fee is $87.87. We waive permit fees for non-profit and charitable organizations. View our methods of payment accepted.