There are many ways to get around Saugeen Shores. You can explore Saugeen Shores by car, boat, plane, trolley or through walking, hiking or cycling around our great streets, beaches and trails.

Saugeen Shores Trolley

Visit the S.S. Trolley website for more information and to view the Trolley Tracker app.

Harbour and airport

Visit our harbour and airport to learn more about how to sail and fly around the municipality.

Specialized transit

Persons living with disabilities can use Saugeen Mobility and Regional Transit to get around the area.

Transportation Master Plan

The Town started the process of reviewing, understanding, and potentially improving the Transportation system by hiring a consultant team in August 2018. This master plan will direct how we grow responsibly with our Town's Official Plan and examine current transportation issues within our community. The plan will also:

  • Assess existing and future growth patterns
  • Determine the need for improvements
  • Establish policies around a needed transportation network

Public consultation on the existing condition was completed from August until November, through Pop-Up Information Centres, interviews with stakeholder groups and an online survey. Results of this consultation can be found here.

The information panels from the Pop-Up Centres have be found here: Saugeen Shores Transportation Master Plan Informational Panels.

Based on the input received from public consultation in Fall of 2018 and the Town’s overarching plans and policies, the TMP transportation vision was developed, with a focus on addressing the Town’s mobility needs in an effective, responsible and sustainable manner:

“A Town comprised of unique communities connected by a diverse transportation system that prioritizes the safe and efficient movement of people in an environmentally sensitive manner, now and into the future.”

The ultimate transportation goals include:

  • Providing travel options;
  • Improving personal health;
  • Supporting a vibrant local economy;
  • Building a stronger sense of place; and
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability.

Public Consultation

Engaging the community is a vital component of this study. Since the last consultation events in August of 2018, the Project Team has developed preliminary recommendations for the Town’s future transportation system. These policies, programs and infrastructure investments for walking, cycling and roads will form the basis for the Transportation Master Plan to be presented to Town Council late this fall.

To achieve the transportation vision, three alternative planning strategies have been developed:

  • Alternative 1: “Do Nothing,” which reflects the current condition of the roadway network to the 2031 horizon year, without further investment to increase capacity. Population and employment numbers would grow, but no further transportation projects would be constructed;
  • Alternative 2: “Road Improvements Only,” which builds on the road and highway improvements recommended in the Town of Saugeen Shores Capital Plan and Budget as well as recommended road improvements to accommodate growth to the year 2031;
  • Alternative 3: “Road Improvements Plus,” which includes all the road improvements identified in Alternative 2 plus measures to promote the use of travel modes other than the single-occupant auto.

A multiple account evaluation (MAE) framework was developed to compare the alternatives with detailed evaluation criteria including the consideration of transportation, natural, social and policy environments, and economic implications. The analysis of the alternatives based on the MAE framework led to the selection of Alternative 3 “Road Improvements Plus” as the preferred alternative.

We want to hear from you!

A Public Information Centre was held on August 7, 2019 for attendees to learn more about the plan recommendations and provide their feedback.

If you were unable to attend, you can review the presentation boards here and then provide your feedback on the proposed recommendations.

Take the survey here: TMP Public Info Centre Survey.

The Transportation Master Plan process will continue through 2019. The Transportation Master Plan will be completed in the Fall with a report being presented to Council. Updates will be posted to the Town website when available.

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