There are many ways to get around Saugeen Shores. You can explore Saugeen Shores by car, boat, plane, trolley or through walking, hiking or cycling around our great streets, beaches and trails.

Saugeen Shores Trolley

Visit the S.S. Trolley website for more information and to view the Trolley Tracker app.

Harbour and airport

Visit our harbour and airport to learn more about how to sail and fly around the municipality.

Specialized transit

Persons living with disabilities can use Saugeen Mobility and Regional Transit to get around the area.

Traffic and Parking Bylaw Update

August 5, 2021  


Changes include adding all-way stops, reducing speed limits, and changing parking as a result of resident requests and recommendations from the Transportation Master Plan

On August 9th, residents are encouraged to tune it to the Council meeting, and to review the agenda package to see the proposed changes to the Traffic and Parking Bylaws.  The changes are in response to All-Way Stop Requests, Speed Limit Modification Requests and to implement the recommendations from the Transportation Master Plan. The proposed changes include:

  • New All-Way Stops at
    • Grosvenor Street and Morpeth Street
    • Green Street and Waterloo Street
    • Green Street and Bruce Street
    • Huron Street and High Street
    • Catherine Street and Waterloo Street
    • Maple Street and Wellington Street
  • New Speed Limits at:
    • 60km/hr on Concession 4 from highway 21 to the lake
    • 60km/hr on Concession 6 between the existing 40km/hr (east of highway 21) and Sideroad 13/14
    • Concession 10 from east of Cutter Road to highway 21
    • Universal speed limit of 40km/hr within the urban area, with some exceptions such as Goderich Street, Gustavus Street, North Shore Road,  and Carlisle Street.
  • Restrict parking on South Street at Huron street to the south side only to Victoria Street
  • Prohibit parking on both sides on Huron Street from South Street to Albert street
  • Restrict parking on Island Street from Lake Street to the extension of Grosvenor Street
  • Parking to be restricted within 10m of an intersection, of 15m from a signalized intersection
  • Creation of Community Safety Zones around the schools and hospital
  • No stopping zones in front of schools, specifically Waterloo Street, Stafford Street and Gustavus Street

To find out more details, and read the staff report, it can be found online at

To watch it live, or to view the recording after the meeting, you can access it here too

After the meeting, residents will be able to provide comments until September 3rd, when staff will then review and either incorporate the comments or provide responses when the final version is presented to Council on September 13th.  Once approved by Council, the bylaw will be updated and signs installed and enforced. Comments can be received by email at

Transportation Master Plan

The Town of Saugeen Shores Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is a strategic planning document designed to provide a vision and the policy framework for a multi-modal transportation system that will meet mobility needs in the Town to the year 2031 (and beyond). Building on directions articulated in Town, Bruce County and Provincial policies and strategies, the TMP establishes the strategies, initiatives, and priorities necessary to realize the municipality’s transportation vision in a sustainable manner.

The TMP is a strategic tool that will guide the development of transportation infrastructure, policies, and programs. The plan aims to maintain the high quality of life that Saugeen Shore residents currently enjoy, safeguard the environment, and facilitate continued economic growth and prosperity within the community.

The plan was prepared following the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process for Master Plans, completing requirements for Phase 1 (opportunity statement) and Phase 2 (alternatives assessment). Consistent with environmental planning principles, the study included a comprehensive public consultation and stakeholder engagement program designed to obtain feedback from Town residents, key stakeholders, and other relevant technical agencies. The program featured two rounds of community outreach, with opportunities to participate in consultation events promoted through the project website, newspaper ads, and social media.

 Final Transportation Master Plan

For more information, contact:

Amanda Froese, P.Eng . FEC
Director, Infrastructure and Development Services

Town of Saugeen Shores
600 Tomlinson Dr.
Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C0
Phone: 519-832-2008 ext. 119
Toll-free: 1-866-832-2008
Email Transportation Master Plan