Committee of Whole and Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month, with the exception of holidays. Committee of Whole is a committee consisting of all members of Council that recommends an item for approval by Council. The item still requires Council's final approval, which typically takes place at the next Council meeting held in two weeks’ time. Visit to see all meeting dates, agendas, minutes and webcasts.

Committee of Whole Meeting

Municipal Service Delivery Review - Current State Assessment

In 2021, the Town of Saugeen Shores committed to undertaking a Municipal Service Delivery Review. The summary report provided by StrategyCorp is the first of two reports to be prepared as a result of this work. The Current State Assessment reviewed the Town of Saugeen Shores for structure, staffing complement, key service delivery areas, and financial analysis as compared to identified comparators. The last phase of this work will bring forward recommendations for Council consideration and is scheduled to be completed in Quarter 3 to align with the 2022 Budget deliberations.

Recommended for Approval by Council

Amendment to Cenotaph Park By-law to Prohibit Dogs

The Cenotaph Park By-law establishes rules and regulations to protect Cenotaph Park located at 618 Mill Street in Port Elgin. Due to issues with owners not picking up after their dogs, the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 340 has requested the park be designated a dog free zone. This report recommends that Cenotaph Park By-law be amended to prohibit dogs in Cenotaph Park, with the exception of working service animals.

Recommended for Approval by Council

Subdivision Agreement - Southampton Landing Phase 2

The vacant lands located east of Railway Street (Highway 21) have been zoned and a draft plan has been approved for residential development. Staff recommend entering into a Subdivision Agreement with Castle Village Development and Seaton Southampton Limited for the Southampton Landing subdivision to enable installation of all infrastructure and transfer of parkland.

Recommendation was deferred by Council

Phase 2 Lamont Sports Park

The Lamont Sports Park Fundraising Strategy Committee is ready to advance a fundraising plan to accommodate features considered as part of Phase 2. Staff have prepared a comprehensive inventory for Council’s consideration as part of Phase 2 requirements prior to the striking of the Fundraising Committee and to support their coordinated efforts.

Recommended for Approval by Council

Exemption to Municipal Alcohol Policy for CurlON Tankard Championship

The Organizing Committee of the CurlON Tankard Championships has requested consideration be given for an exemption to the Municipal Alcohol Policy to expand the consumption areas for alcohol into the tiered seating area at the Plex, as well as the front lobby, for the 2022 CurlON Tankard Championship event from February 6-13, 2022.

Recommended for Approval by Council

Mayor's Report

The Mayor’s Report provides information on the Mayor’s recent activity and committee involvement. The August 23 report provided information on:

  • Bruce County Master Transportation Plan
  • Plan the Bruce: Communities Discussion Paper
  • Municipal State of Emergency
  • Quarterly summary of official activities

2020 Asset Management Plan

The Ontario Government has legislated that municipalities prepare an Asset Management Plan by July 1, 2022 (O.Reg 588/17 – Amended). The draft plan presented meets the requirements of the legislation and reports on core infrastructure assets. Core assets are valued at $397 million (2019) and are included in the plan, relating to $28,940.11 per capita. 76% of these assets are considered in good condition.

Project Update for Cedar Crescent Village

The Land Lease for the Cedar Crescent Village project commenced on June 9 as approved by Council on November 9, 2020. At that time, and prior to the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (SVCA) application, it was expected that construction would begin on or before June 9. The application to the SVCA was submitted on February 2, 2021. Staff have continued to advance discussions with the SVCA. ShorePlan Engineering Ltd. completed the additional study requested for the Floodline Hazard Mapping, and the results from their initial assessment did not change. On August 17, 2021, it was requested that SVCA bring the application forward to a Section 28 Hearing on the two outstanding existing condition issues: #1 Floodline Hazard Assessment and #2 Dynamic Beach Hazard. Without a decision regarding these existing conditions for the site, advancing the site plan and engineering works is not possible and further design work for the project is on hold.

To learn more, view the Committee of Whole meeting agenda

Council Meeting

2020 Year End Financial Report and 2020 Financial Statements

Committee of Whole recommended that Council authorize the transfers to/from reserves and reserve funds, as outlined in Appendix C of the CFO/Treasurer’s Report dated August 9, 2021. And that Council accept the 2020 Annual Audited Statements as final.


Traffic By-law, Parking By-law and the Oversize Load/Moving Permit Policy

Committee of Whole recommended that Council pass the following:

  • By-law to amend Traffic By-law 103-2008, at a future meeting
  • By-law to amend the Parking By-law, at a future meeting
  • Oversize Load/Moving Permit Policy


Ivings Drive and Goderich Street Intersection Award of Tender

Staff recommended to award the contract for the Ivings Drive and Goderich Street Intersection Reconstruction Project to E.C. King Contracting. The project will see the realignment of the intersection to facilitate a left turn lane from northbound traffic onto Ivings Drive from Goderich Street. The project entails the installation of all new Traffic Control signals, poles power supply and realignment of the curb and widening of asphalt.


To learn more, view the Council meeting agenda.