Committee of Whole and Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month, with the exception of holidays. Committee of Whole is a committee consisting of all members of Council that recommends an item for approval by Council. The item still requires Council's final approval, which typically takes place at the next Council meeting held in two weeks’ time. Visit to see all meeting dates, agendas, minutes and webcasts.

Committee of Whole Meeting

Cedar Crescent Village Waterfront Development

The Cedar Crescent Village project is continuing to advance through the necessary approval process. Staff has been working with the proponent since the November 22 approval of the concept plan, to amend the Land Lease Agreement and to develop a complete set of Project Plans for the entire site and a Site Works and Servicing Agreement. Council is being asked to approve the Site Works and Servicing Agreement and the Project Plans. This approval will also amend Schedules ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ of the Land Lease.

Recommended for Approval by Council

Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Cities Initiative Membership Renewal

The purpose of this report is for Staff to receive direction from Council on whether to continue the Town’s annual membership with Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative.

Membership renewal was recommended

Site Plan Agreement – County of Bruce EMS - 1243 MacKenzie Road

Bruce County is in the process of locating a new Emergency Medical Services (EMS) building at 1243 MacKenzie Road. The Site Plan Agreement is to facilitate the construction of the new EMS building.

Recommended for Approval by Council

County Emergency Social Services Memorandum of Understanding

This report requested Council to approve a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the Provision of Emergency Social Services (ESS) with the County of Bruce and the Town of Saugeen Shores. The Emergency Management requires every municipality in Ontario Civil Protection Act to formulate a plan for necessary services during an emergency. The County and the Town wish to coordinate their Emergency Plan for the efficient delivery of ESS in an emergency. The County has entered into an agreement with the Canadian Red Cross Society dated September 2017 for the provision of services during a Major Incident. The parties wish to enter into this MOU to confirm the performance of certain matters and to establish terms and responsibilities for the operation of Reception and/or Evacuation Centre and the delivery of ESS in an emergency.

Recommended for Approval by Council

Community Economic Development Initiative

Economic Development Staff at Saugeen First Nation and the Town submitted a successful joint application to the Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) three-year program (2022-2025). CEDI is a funding program that aims to improve the economic prosperity of participating First Nations and adjacent municipalities through joint community economic development planning and initiatives.

2021 Major Initiatives Quarter 4 Update

In January 2021, the Senior Management Team presented to Council the Major Initiatives for 2021 with the intent of creating awareness for Council and the public on their quarterly progression as the year unfolded. In 2022, the Major Initiatives and Division Highlights were highlighted in Saugeen Shores first annual Business Plan that was presented through budget deliberations in November.

This report concluded the reporting for the 2021 priorities and outlined the details of the 31 initiatives from 2021 plus those from Saugeen Shores Police Service for a total of 37 major initiatives. The Cascade software allows for progress tracking of these initiatives. At the end of Quarter 4, the Town is at 84% recommended action completion with only a few major initiatives moved into 2022.

Major Initiatives that will carry into 2022:

  1. Community Comprehensive Risk Assessment (Protective Services)
  2. Cedar Crescent Village Project Support (Protective Services)
  3. Sale of Municipal Land – 4 properties (Corporate Services)
  4. Finance Process Review (Corporate Services)
  5. John Kyles Parkette (Community Services)
  6. YMCA Agreement (Community Services)
  7. Harbour Dock Improvement (Community Services)
  8. Summerside Park Development Plans (Community Services)
  9. Southampton Water Pollution Control Plant Class Environmental Assessment (Infrastructure and Development Services)
  10. Revise Official Plan (Infrastructure and Development Services)

Each Director provided an overview and a summary in table format which is attached to the agenda.

Municipal Election - Key Dates

This report provided a summary of the key dates for upcoming Municipal and School Board Elections established by the Municipal Elections Act.

To learn more, view the Committee of Whole meeting agenda

Council Meeting

Port Elgin Market Contribution

Committee of Whole recommended that Council waive the 2021 financial contribution for the operation of the Port Elgin Beach Market by the Port Elgin Pumpkinfest Association.


Land Development Process Review Request for Proposals

KPMG was recommended to carry out a review of the process for the development of land in Saugeen Shores. The process starts from seeking advice on the purchase and is complete when the end-user occupies the building or the road is assumed by the Town. The building, engineering, and development divisions overlap throughout this process and the review will look for efficiencies as well as create a system to track, document, and expedite the time it takes. KPMG was the only respondent to acknowledge the creation of a guideline manual for the Town owned industrial park at the south end of Port Elgin.


2022 Council Meeting Schedule

Striking Committee recommended the following:

That the attached Council meeting calendar be approved recommending:

  1. That the August 22 and October 24, 2022 meetings be cancelled to facilitate the 2022 Municipal Election process; and,
  2. That the December 26 meeting be cancelled.

Further, that an amendment to the Procedural By-law be presented at a future meeting to amend the date of the Inaugural Session to coincide with the term of the new Council commencing on November 15.


Appointment to Community Economic Development Initiative

Striking Committee recommended that Mayor Charbonneau be appointed to the Community Economic Development Initiative and Deputy Mayor Matheson be appointed as the Alternate Member.


To learn more, view the Council meeting agenda.