Committee of Whole and Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month, with the exception of holidays. Committee of Whole is a committee consisting of all members of Council that recommends an item for approval by Council. The item still requires Council's final approval, which typically takes place at the next Council meeting held in two weeks’ time. Visit to see all meeting dates, agendas, minutes and webcasts.

Committee of Whole Meeting

2022 Budget Plan and Timetable

This report outlines the process to advance the 2022 Budget towards final approval by Council. It gives background information on the approach taken and some specific considerations for the 2022 Budget.

Recommended for Approval by Council

Employee Recognition Policy

The Employee Recognition Policy reflects the value the Town has for its employees and the importance of demonstrating this value to our most important asset, our people. Employees provided input through survey participation as well as the engagement of the Staff Ambassador Group. This updated Policy encompasses recognition of employees at all stages of their career. Employee recognition is a key initiative to achieve the Town’s goal to be an employer of choice.

Recommended for Approval by Council

County Official Plan Additional Residential Units Policy

The County of Bruce is focusing much of its recent planning efforts on facilitating more attainable housing and creating policy to encourage the diversity of housing options throughout the County. The County is proposing an Official Plan Amendment, which modifies the current Additional Residential Unit (ARU) policies. A Public Meeting is being held on July 15 at the County to receive comments from circulated parties and residents. Staff recommend comments, to be forwarded to the County regarding the proposed changes to County Official Plan policies for Additional Residential Units.

Recommended for Approval by Council

Development Charges By-law Update

The Town is in the process of updating a number of major planning documents (Official Plan, Drainage Master Plan, Water and Wastewater Master Plan and others). The Development Charges (DC) Background Study, when appropriately integrated with these other plans, assists with the active and progressive implementation of our plans to support growth. Staff recommended carrying forward all existing exemptions outlined in the By-law. This includes provisions for industrial exemption and certain commercial reductions or exemptions. Additionally, changes were proposed to facilitate attainable housing.

Recommended for Approval by Council

Contract Housing Coordinator Position

The Attainable Housing Task Force recommendations have been prioritized and progress is being made on immediate actions. Continued and sustained progress is required to ensure positive momentum and opportunity to build more attainable housing remains strong. Additional staff resources are required, as there are not sufficient labour resources available to balance the proficient undertaking of normal municipal business and the effective and efficient advancement of the attainable housing priority.

Recommended for Approval by Council

2021 Major Initiatives Quarter 2 Update

In January 2021, the Senior Management Team presented to Council the Major Initiatives for 2021 with the intent of creating awareness for Council on their quarterly progression as the year unfolds. This report outlined 32 initiatives plus those from Saugeen Shores Police Service for a total of 37 major initiatives. The Cascades software allows for progress tracking of these initiatives and we are at 54% recommended action completion which is on target for the start of Quarter 3. Three major initiatives are now considered complete: Information Technology (IT) Strategic Plan; Cascade Implementation; and Tourism Transition.

Each department head provided an overview and also attached a summary overview in table format which was produced in Cascade. Cascade was invested in by the Town with the One Time Efficiency Funds received in 2019. This is a software system that helps the organization plan, communicate and track our organizational Strategic Plan and advancement of key objectives from that Plan.

To learn more, view the Committee of Whole meeting agenda

Council Meeting

Traffic Sign Management Program

Committee of Whole recommended that Council approve the single source purchase to complete the inventory, inspection and assessments of regulatory and warning signs for a 5-year term to Advantage Data Collection Ltd. at a cost of $5.25 per sign, an approximate total annual operating value of $15,000 to be funded from the Annual Operating Budget.


Lamont Sports Park Fundraising Committee Report

Lamont Sports Parks Fundraising Strategy Committee recommended that Council receive the Lamont Sports Parks Fundraising Strategy Committee Report dated July 12, 2021, and that the recommendations regarding committee structure and appointments be referred to the Striking Committee. Further, recommendations regarding finances be referred to future budget deliberations.


Kolb Bridge Environmental Assessment Award

Staff recommended awarding the Environmental Assessment consulting work to Planmac Engineering Inc. for the Kolb Bridge. The project will see public consultation following the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment to derive possible alternatives for the closed Kolb Bridge structure and ultimately determine the preferred solution.


Port Elgin Harbour – H Dock Purchase

Staff are seeking award of contract and funding to replace the Port Elgin Harbour - H Dock. The Request for Proposal process recommended Kehoe Marine Construction as the preferred vendor identified through the competitive process.


To learn more, view the Council meeting agenda.