Committee of Whole and Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month, with the exception of holidays. Committee of Whole is a committee consisting of all members of Council that recommends an item for approval by Council. The item still requires Council's final approval, which typically takes place at the next Council meeting held in two weeks’ time. Visit to see all meeting dates, agendas, minutes and webcasts.

Committee of Whole Meeting

Development Charges Background Study & Draft By-law - Public Meeting

The Town is in the process of updating a number of major planning documents (Official Plan, Drainage Master Plan, Water and Wastewater Master Plan and others). The Development Charges (DC) Background Study, when appropriately integrated with these other plans, assists with the active and progressive implementation of our plans to support growth. At the public meeting, Council heard comments from interested people and had an opportunity to provide their thoughts as well.

Records Retention By-law

The Town of Saugeen Shores requires an updated Records Retention By-law; the previous Bylaw 33-99 was passed in 1999. The purpose of this By-law is to provide retention periods for records that are created, maintained, and disposed of by the Town. The draft by-law authorizes the Clerk to amend the records retention schedule as recommended by The Ontario Municipal Records Management System.

Recommended for Approval by Council

Development and Implementation of a Traffic Sign Management Program – Inventory Update and Retroreflectivity Inspection

The Ontario Minimum Maintenance Standards require regulatory and warning signs to be inspected annually such that they meet the values of the Ontario Traffic Manual. Staff recommend a 5-year contract with Advantage Data Collection to provide inspection results in a form that can be used in our existing Cityworks platform, to dispatch work orders out for sign replacements easily.

Recommended for Approval by Council

Pre-Servicing Agreement, Southampton Landing Subdivision

The vacant lands located west of Railway Street have been zoned and a draft plan has been approved for residential development. Staff recommend entering into a Pre-Servicing Agreement with Southampton Landing Subdivision to enable installation of infrastructure in advance of registration

Recommended for Approval by Council

People Plan Refresh

The internal People Plan has been revised to reflect organization growth and to renew the commitment amongst staff to our Corporate Core Values. The organization’s core values and expected behaviours remain the same, as does the commitment to staff regarding clarity, communication, tools and resources, goal setting and culture. The latest version of the People Plan will be launched to all staff in the coming weeks.

To learn more, view the Committee of Whole meeting agenda

Council Meeting

Delegation of Land Division Responsibilities

Committee of Whole recommended that Council affirm, in principle, their interest in having the authority to consider Land Division responsibilities to be delegated to the Council of the Town of Saugeen Shores; and

That Council direct Town staff to engage with County of Bruce staff and return with a recommendation regarding implementation and transition based on an analysis of the following: cost-effectiveness, streamlining and ability to address local context.


Southampton Business Improvement Area Streetscape Plan and Design Brief Consult Award

Four bids for the Southampton Business Improvement Area (BIA) Streetscape Plan and Design Brief were evaluated by members of the Southampton BIA. The final recommendation to award the contract for consulting services to John MacDonald Architect Inc. in the amount of $20,000 plus HST, funded from the Southampton BIA Reserves, was approved by the Southampton BIA Board of Management.


Appointments to the Municipal Innovation Council and Community Safety and Well-Being Advisory Committee

The Striking Committee recommended the following:

That CAO Kara Van Myall be appointed to the Municipal Innovation Council. In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding with the Municipal Innovation Council (MIC), Saugeen Shores’ appointed member will serve as the Chair of the MIC and sit on the Board of Directors of the Nuclear Innovation Institute; And

That the following representatives be appointed to the Bruce-Grey Community Safety and Well-Being Advisory Committee: Councillor Dave Myette, Chief of Police, and the Clerk. As well, Pat O’Connor was appointed by the Saugeen Shores Police Service Board to serve on the Committee.


Notice of Motion

It was Council's desire to commission a work of art that will stand as a continual reminder, for Council, staff and the community at large, of the pain, suffering and loss of life inflicted by colonialism and by the residential school system on the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. Council directed staff to commission artist Brent Henry of Saugeen Shores to create a work of art in his own style and for display by the Town of Saugeen Shores. Council authorized up to $3,000 to be spent for this purpose from an appropriate reserve fund.


To learn more, view the Council meeting agenda.