Committee of Whole and Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month, with the exception of holidays. Committee of Whole is a committee consisting of all members of Council that recommends an item for approval by Council. The item still requires Council's final approval, which typically takes place at the next Council meeting held in two weeks’ time. Visit to see all meeting dates, agendas, minutes and webcasts.

Committee of Whole Meeting

Update to Cedar Crescent Village Waterfront Development

The Cedar Crescent Village (CCV) project is continuing to advance through the necessary approval process however, significant delays in the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority regulatory permit approval have prompted a request by the proponent to relocate the building footprint outside of the regulatory permit area. Council was asked to consider an amendment to Schedule ‘A’ of the Land Lease to support an Alternative Concept for the project.

Recommended for Approval by Council

Naming of the Saugeen Shores Off-Leash Dog Park

In memory of the late Abby Bolton, who was instrumental in the establishment of the Saugeen Shores Off-Leash Dog Park, staff are looking to rename the park the “Abby Bolton Memorial Off-Leash Dog Park”.

Recommended for Approval by Council

Capital Project Status Updates

Town Staff provided a status update on capital projects. The capital projects have been identified as either open, closed, or deferred. Town staff have not identified any capital spending at this time that will have a material negative effect on the Town’s finances.

Operating Financial Results Ending September 30, 2021

The Town of Saugeen Shores operating results through the end of September 30th, are tracking well in-line with budget, and forecasted to be in position for a small surplus at year-end. The major variances that contribute to the surplus are supplemental taxation received, unbudgeted government transfers, and labour variances.

2022 Election Service Provider

Council approved the use of internet and telephone for the 2022 Municipal Election. Simply Voting has been selected as the 2022 Internet and Telephone service provider.

Kolb Bridge Class Environmental Assessment

An update was provided on the Kolb Bridge Class Environmental Assessment (EA) process. Planmac Engineering Inc. will be hosting a virtual session that will outline the progress of the Class EA and the evaluation of the alternatives. The preliminary preferred alternative will be discussed along with relevant background information that will justify their recommendation. The public will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on the preliminary preferred alternative through an online form submission that will be available for three weeks. The Final Report will come back to Council in the new year, at which time the appeal period will begin as the final step in the EA Process.


To learn more, view the Committee of Whole meeting agenda

Council Meeting

Sidewalk Patio Policy

Committee of Whole recommended that Council approve the 2020/2021 revisions made to the Sidewalk Patio and Sidewalk Café Encroachment Policy as permanent changes and that the insurance provision be reviewed on an annual basis.


Asset Management Plan

Committee of Whole recommended that Council approve the 2020 Asset Management Plan for Core Infrastructure in the Town of Saugeen Shores.


Return to In-Person Meetings

Striking Committee recommended that Council approve as follows:

  1. That Council return to in-person meetings effective January 24, 2022; and
  2. That only fully vaccinated Council Members be permitted to attend in-person.


Lamont Sports Park Fundraising Committee

This Committee met on November 4, 2021 and discussed the merits of retaining a professional fundraising consultant. The Committee reached out to Inspire Fundraising Consulting. This is the same consulting firm hired by the Town of Goderich for their one million dollar park expansion campaign and they were very pleased with the results.

The Committee recommended that the Committee request Council to approve $4900.00 in funding to procure the services of a professional fundraising consultant, and to cover other costs associated with fundraising efforts for the first phase of the one million dollar fundraising campaign i.e.: signage, major donor presentation expenses etc.


COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

It was recommended that Council approve the Workplace Covid-19 Vaccination Policy and that the policy be reviewed once 90% fully vaccination rates have been reached in the Grey-Bruce area.


Environmental Stewardship Ad Hoc Advisory Committee

This Committee reported the following:

  1. The Environmental Stewardship Committee is an advisory Committee of Council, which will make recommendations on: The Town’s existing environmental policies, possible achievable improvements of said existing policies, and the addition of achievable policies to increase the Town’s environmental sustainability.
  2. To date, the Committee:
  • has met regularly since April 28, 2021
  • has consulted with a number of experts and expert resources, and is preparing recommendations and its final report to Council
  • is assessing the Town’s current environmental policies such as the Urban Tree Canopy policy, waste management practices, and greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies
  • distributed and is analyzing the results of a public survey to inform its recommendations
  • is working with students from Wilfrid Laurier’s Environmental Studies program who are assisting with survey analysis and policy recommendations
  • has, through Committee discussions, already generated changes such as: highlighting wine cork recycling, adding Urban Tree Policy to Town’s Development Manual, suggested Treemendous Communities grant, and increased Smoke-Free Ontario Act signage
  • will submit its draft report to staff by mid-December for review, make final revisions in January, and submit its final report to Council in early February

 To learn more, view the Council meeting agenda.