Update: July 16, 2020

Unfortunately, Gore Drain Trail remains closed due to the ongoing construction project. Trail restoration may take up to another 3 weeks to complete. The contractor will restore the trail to the same pre-construction conditions prior to the trail reopening. 

Further public notice will be provided on our website and social media channels once the trail is restored and safe for usage again.


The Gore Drain Trail is closed as of June 15, 2020 due to construction lasting approximately 2-4 weeks. The trail is closed until further notice and the public will be notified when it reopens. Consider using our interactive trail map to plan a different hiking or biking route in Saugeen Shores.

Alternate routes:

  • 4th Concession access: Head westbound on the 4th Concession to Bruce Rd 33 (Lake Range Rd). Head northbound on Bruce Rd 33 to County Rd 25. Go eastbound on County Rd 25 towards Hwy 21. Access to the Saugeen Rail Trail and Bruce County Rail Trail are located on the east side of Hwy 21.
  • County Rd 25 access: Head westbound on County Rd 25 to Bruce Rd 33 (Lake Range Rd). Head southbound on Bruce Rd 33 to meet the 4th Conc. Continue on Bruce Rd 33 to access MacGregor Point Provincial Park.