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Business Licensing

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Permanent businesses or stores located in Saugeen Shores do not need a Business Licence. Businesses coming to Saugeen Shores on a temporary basis, or moving from location to location, need to contact the Clerk's Department to determine if a licence is required.

Business Licensing By-law 98-2004 explains the types of business licences available. There are three categories of business licencing as listed below.

Temporary Sales - Transient

This Licence is for the temporary sale of goods which could travel from place to place, stay in one location, or go door-to-door. This could include sales such as, but not limited to, flowers, fresh produce and Christmas trees. Temporary Sales Application for the year must be submitted to the Clerk's Department prior to the sale of goods.

Refreshment Vehicles Licence

This Licence is for Refreshment Vehicles that sell food products for consumption by the public including food carts, wagons, or trucks. This could include, but is not limited to, vehicles that sell hot dogs or ice cream. Prior to issuing the Licence, each unit must be approved by the Public Health Unit. Refreshment Vehicle Licence Application for the year must be submitted to the Clerk's Office prior to the sale of goods.

Saugeen Shores permits a yearly Refreshment Vehicle Licence on Town owned sites, where public washrooms are available.

Please review the Refreshment Vehicle on Town Property Policy for more information.

Entertainment Licence

An Entertainment Licence is for a circus, menagerie or place of amusement that sets up in the Town of Saugeen Shores.


Application Forms are to be completed and submitted to the Clerks Department at least 30 days in advance of requiring the permit.

The application is to include the following:

  • Application Fee
  • Approval from the Grey Bruce Health Unit for food services
  • Confirmation that the Zoning on the property supports the application
  • Letter from the Owner of the Property granting permission to use the land, if applicable
  • Detailed drawing showing the location of the business on the property, if applicable
  • Liability Insurance in the amount of $2 million, or $5 million for Entertainment applications, naming Saugeen Shores as an additional named insured. 




Temporary Sales


Day Sales

Seasonal Sales

Door-to-Door Sales

$182.07 per location



Refreshment Vehicles


Mobile BBQ's

Chip Wagon

Hot Dog Cart

Ice Cream Trucks/Bike

$182.07 per canteen

$182.07 per unit

$182.07 per unit

$182.07 per unit

$182.07 per unit

Entertainment Events



Places of Amusement

$182.07 per day

$182.07 per day

$182.07 per location











The Business Enterprise Centre Serving Bruce County can guide you in establishing or relocating your business in Saugeen Shores.