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Demolition Permits

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Demolition permits are required for all buildings greater than 10 square metres (108 square feet), with the exception of farm buildings.

Requirement for Professional Engineer 

The applicant for a permit respecting the demolition of a building shall retain a Professional Engineer to undertake the general review of the project during demolition, where:

  1. The building exceeds 3 storeys in building height or 600m2 (6,460ft2) in building area,
  2. The building structure includes pre-tensioned or post tensioned members,
  3. It is proposed that the demolition will extend below the level of footings of any adjacent building and occur within the angle of repose of the soil, drawn from the bottom of such footings, or
  4. Explosives or a laser are to be used during the course of demolition
    (Div. C, of the OBC 2012)

Utility Sign Off

Prior to your demolition permit being approved, you must first obtain the signatures of the person(s) responsible for the approval for the disconnection of their respective services using the Demolition Utility Sign Off Form.

Landfill Asbestos Policy

If you are planning on disposing of your demolition waste at the Saugeen Shores Landfill you will be required to submit a Designated Substances Survey to the Director of Public Works for review. The procedure for asbestos disposal to the landfill can be found in document Acceptance, Handling, and Disposal of Asbestos in Landfill SOP-PW-011.  Conditions may be imposed on the disposal based on results of Survey. For further information on this policy, please contact Len Perdue of Public Works.

How to Apply for a Demolition Permit