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Pool Enclosure Permits

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Pool Enclosure Requirements

The Pool Enclosure By-law requires owners of privately owned swimming pools to build and maintain fences and gates around their swimming pools. Pool enclosures are required in order to prevent the unauthorized or unintentional entry of persons into a yard which contains a swimming pool. All pool enclosures require a pool enclosure permit from the Building Department. More details on pool enclosure requirements (height, openings and materials, ground clearance, etc.) can be found in the Pool Enclosure By-law.

What is considered a "Swimming Pool"?

"Swimming Pool" or "Pool" means an excavation, structure or product, which is:

  1. Located outdoors on private property;
  2. Capable of being used for the purposes of swimming, wading, paddling or bathing; and
  3. Capable of holding water in excess of 0.76m (2 feet 6 inches) in depth at any point, and

Includes a landscape pond meeting the above criteria, but for the purposes of the Pool Enclosure By-law does not include any pool which is:

  1. A pond or reservoir to be utilized for farming purposes or as part of a golf course;
  2. A hydro massage pool with locking cover;
  3. A pool owned by any public or governmental body, agency or authority, or is under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Building Code; 
  4. An existing natural body of water or stream; or
  5. A privately owned stormwater management facility. 

What are my responsibilities as a pool owner?

  • As a pool owner, you must obtain a permit from the Town of Saugeen Shores before starting any part of the work of installing your pool
  • Once a permit has been issued, you are responsible for making sure that the pool remains empty until the pool fence enclosure has been erected according to the Swimming Pool Fencing By-law and it has been inspected to the satisfaction of the Town of Saugeen Shores
  • To request an inspection for your swimming pool fencing please call the Office Administrator at (519) 832-2008 ext. 118
  • You must maintain the fence in the same condition intended by the By-law; the fence must be free from deterioration or decline to ensure safety and strength
  • All gates must be kept closed and locked at all times when the owner of the swimming pool or his or her duly authorized agent is not present and supervising the swimming pool

Location of Your Pool (as per Zoning By-law 75-2006)

  • Your pool can be located in the interior side yard or rear yard
  • No closer than 1.5 metres (5 feet) to any lot line or no closer to any street than the setback required therefrom
  • Water circulating or treatment equipment such as pumps or filters or any accessory building or structure containing such equipment (i.e. pump house) can be no closer than 1 metre (3 feet) to any lot line

How to Apply for a Pool Enclosure Permit

  • Fill out an Application for a Pool Enclosure Permit or pick up a paper application at the Town Office
  • Include the following documents:

    • Two (2) sets of plans showing the location of the pool, all proposed pool equipment (such as filters, slides and heaters) and proposed landscape features in relation to property lines, buildings (including decks and shed), and easements;

    • Complete details of the proposed pool enclosure, including the location and type of proposed fence and gate;

    • The proposed access route for construction of the pool from any public right of way to the proposed pool location; and

    • If the proposed pool is within an unassumed plan of subdivision, the written approval of the developer/owner of the subdivision.

  • Payment in the amount of $140.45
  • Submit your completed application form and required documents to the Town Office in person