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Saugeen Shores Water and Sewer Rate Structure

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The Town of Saugeen Shores adopted a Water Financial Plan and a Sewer Financial Plan that identified our long term financial needs for operating, maintaining and upgrading the municipal water and sewer system over a 15 year planning horizon. The Financial Plans set out projected annual rate increases.

Our Water & Sewer Rate Structure is designed to ensure that the monthly fixed charge will pay for the debt, capital, reserve and major up-grades required for the water and sewer treatment, collection and distribution systems on an annual basis. This charge is referred to as a Capital Contribution.

Our rate structure ensures that all users of the water and sewer system are contributing to the cost of capital up-grades, major operating up-grades and debt servicing costs to the water and sewer infrastructure across the municipality. Users pay for the operating cost of the treatment facilities and the distribution and collection system through their consumption charge.

Capital improvements can include up-grades to existing water or sewer lines, pumping stations, hydrant replacement or water and sewage treatment plant up-grades. It's important to note that revenue collected through the water rates pays for water services and revenue collected through the sewer rates pays for sewer services.

View the current year water and sewer rates.

Billing Information

  • The water and sewer consumption charge is applied to all residential and non-residential property owners based on the metered volume of water used.
  • Single Family Residential , Semi-Detached and Single Owner Condominium units are billed based on one equivalent household unit (EHU) value for the fixed water and sewer charge.
  • Multi-Family Residential properties are billed based on ½ EHU value times each unit within the multi-unit residential dwelling. Examples of multi-family properties are apartments, duplexes, triplexes, etc.
  • Campgrounds, motels, cottage courts, retirement lodges & nursing homes are billed based on the applicable EHU value times each unit: campgrounds - 0.3; motel rooms - 0.2; cottage courts - 0.4; and retirement/nursing homes - 0.2.
  • All other commercial properties are billed the fixed rate based on the size of the water meter that services the property.

The rate structure has been developed to take into consideration the diverse make-up of our community. Approximately 30% of our residential properties are seasonal in nature and we want to make sure that all property owners, regardless of residency status, are contributing fairly to the fixed cost of delivering water and collecting waste. The treatment plants, pumping stations, distribution and collection system are all available to all residents on a year-round basis.

Water and /or sewer bills are distributed to anyone who is using municipal services. Bills are sent out bi-monthly and include the fixed capital contribution as well as water and sewer consumption charges based on measured water consumption.