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Sign Permits

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You need to submit an application for a sign permit if you want to install or replace a ground, wall, projecting or mobile sign.

All applications are reviewed for compliance with the Sign By-law. Please view our sign pamphlet for frequently asked questions.

Do I need a sign permit for all signs?

If you are installing an election sign, contractor sign, sandwich board sign or private warning/identification/directional sign you do not need a sign permit. Please call us if you have any concerns about whether you need a sign permit. We would be pleased to serve you.

How to Apply for a Sign Permit

Fill out a Sign Permit Application or pick up a paper application at the Town Office

  • Include the following documents:

    • a site plan showing the location of the sign
    • two sets of sign plans and specifications
    • application fee
  • Submit your completed application form and required documents to the Town Office in person
Permit Fees

Type of Sign


Ground, Fascia, Projecting


Awnings & Marquees


You may also qualify for a reduction in the sign permit fees required for your sign if the land is located within downtown Port Elgin or downtown Southampton.

Fees in these areas are 50% of the required fee.

For a complete list of fees view our Classes of Permits and Permit Fees

How to Apply for a Sign Variance

Sometimes, the Sign By-law doesn't allow for the sign(s) that you want. IF that is the case, the Town's Committee of Adjustment considers requests for sign variances.

For more information on the sign variance process read our sign variance pamplet