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Animal Control

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Animal Control ensures a safe and healthy environment for both residents and animals in our Municipality.

Dogs and Cats

Saugeen Shores offers an Animal Control Service for dogs and cats. All dogs are required to have a Dog Licence and all cats, except within the Agriculture areas, are required to have a Cat Licence to help identify your pet and return it safely home. If you have concerns regarding dogs or cats running at large, please call the Animal Control Officer at 519-832-3470.

Lost Pets

Please call the Animal Control Officer at 519-832-3470 and the Southampton Pet Hospital at 519-797-2960 immediately if your dog or cat is missing. Dogs and cats that are picked up by Animal Control Officers are taken to the Southampton Pet Hospital.

Dogs on the Beach

Dogs are prohibited on all sandy beaches from May 1st to October 1st.

Dogs are allowed along the shoreline starting north of Elgin Street at the Port Elgin Harbour, along the North Shore Road to Miramichi Bay at Pegasus Trails.  Dogs are also allowed along the shoreline starting north of the River in Southampton to the Saugeen First Nation. All dogs must be on a leash and under the control of the owner.

Off-Leash Dog Park

An Off-Leash Dog park is located at 813 Lehnen Street, Port Elgin which is open year round. Please follow this link to google maps for the location of the Off-Leash Dog Park.

Trails and Public Parks

Dogs must be on a leash at all times when walking on the trails and enjoying public parks.

Poop and Scoop

Pet owners are reminded to clean up after their pet.


Further details about cat and dog licensing can be found in Saugeen Shores' Animal Control By-law.