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Building FAQs

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Where do I start?

Before applying for any building permits you must first know whether your construction plans meet the legal zoning and property uses. An example of a zoning requirement could be the minimum distance needed between your addition and your property line.

What else must I know?

In addition to zoning requirements, you should confirm compliance with other applicable laws.

  • Pay special attention if you are in an area regulated by the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority. This process takes additional time and money.
  • You may be subject to site plan control (R1 & R2 exempt).
  • If your lot is serviced by a private septic system you must find out exactly where your septic system is placed relative to your proposed construction.
  • You must also ensure that any regrading work does not negatively effect your neighbour's drainage. All new house construction requires a lot grading and drainage plan prepared by a qualified professional.
  • If you are planning construction within a condo development, you will need approval from your Condominium Board by way of a letter or e-mail.

How much will it cost?

Building Permit costs are found on our Fees and Development Charges page. Please contact our office at 519-832-2008 ext. 118 should you require assistance in determining the fee.

How long will it take?

Permit review depends on many factors such as the class of building, completeness of the building application, and volume of permit applications.


Time Periods in Which Permit Shall be Issued or Refused

Row Number

Class of Building

Time Period


(a) A detached house, semi-detached house, townhouse, or row house where no dwelling unit is located above another dwelling unit.

(b) A detached structure that serves a building described in Clause (a) and does not exceed 55 m2 in building area.

(c) A tent to which section 3.14 of Division B applies.

(d) A sign to which Section 3.15 of Division B applies.

10 days


(a) Buildings described in Clauses, (b) or (c) of Division A, other than buildings described in Column 2 of any of Rows 1 and 4 of this Table.

(b) Farm buildings that do not exceed 600 m2 in building area

15 days


(a) Buildings described in Clauses or (b) of Division A, other than buildings described in Column 2 of any Rows 1 and 4 of this Table.

(b) Farm buildings exceeding 600 m2 in building area.

20 days


(a) Post-disaster buildings.

(b) Buildings to which Subsection 3.2.6 of Division B or any provision in Articles to of Division B applies.

30 days

If your complete application is approved, you will get a phone call from Town staff advising that your Building Permit has been issued. If your application cannot be approved you will be advised by either e-mail or letter what further information/correction is still needed.

How many inspections do I need?

The amount of inspections depends on the complexity of the work and will normally be assigned with the Building Permit. Visit our Building Inspections page.

What are my responsibilities regarding Building Permits?

It is the responsibility of the owner to obtain a Building Permit, to ensure that the Building Permit is posted and the approved plans are kept on the job site.

When is a Building Permit NOT required?

When you do non-structural work such as:

  • Painting
  • Landscaping
  • Kitchen Cupboards
  • Siding
  • Shingling

How do I obtain a Building Permit?

  • Fill out an Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish  or pick up a paper application at the Town Office
  • Include the following documents:

    • a site plan
    • a lot grading and drainage plan designed by a qualified professional (Required for new builds)
    • two sets of plans and specifications (One set will be returned to the applicant to keep on the construction site)
  • Submit your completed application form and required documents to the Town Office in person 

What information must be provided to obtain a Permit?

Please see Section 3.2 of Building By-law 50-2015 for more detailed information about complete application requirements for specific types of buildings.

What are my responsibilities once I obtain my Permit?

  • Post Building Permit so it can be seen from the street or road
  • A copy of your approved Building Plans should be kept on the construction site and be available during inspection
  • Request for permit inspections are to be made at least 48 hours in advance. For further details visit our Building Inspections page.

What must I do if changes in the Building plans are required?

If, during the course of construction, changes or modifications are made to the design submitted, the owner is responsible to make application to the Building Department. Drawings may be required.