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Building Inspections

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What are my responsibilities regarding Building Inspections?

The person to whom the Building Permit has been issued is responsible to notify the Building Department at least 48 hours in advance of various stages in the construction project. To request an inspection for your building project please call the Building Inspector at (519) 832-2008 ext. 117.

What are the stages in the construction project which require inspection?

The following construction stages require inspection by the Building Inspector's Office:

  1. Advising of Commencing Construction
  2. Before Pouring Footings
  3. Before Backfilling Foundation
  4. Completion of Plumbing Rough In

    1. Water or Air test is required
  5. Completion of Framing: The following must be done before you request a Framing Inspection:

    1. Approved plans on site
    2. Stairs installed 
    3. Roof completed
    4. Mechanical systems, i.e. plumbing and heating installed (water or air test required)
  6. Fireplace Rough In
  7. Completion of Insulation: The following must be done before you request an Insulation Inspection:

    1. All windows and doors installed
    2. Vapour barrier installed
  8. Final Inspection of Plumbing

    1. All fixtures installed
  9. Occupancy: Prior to occupancy a final inspection is required: 

    1. Handrails and guards around stairwells 
    2. Steps at exits 
    3. Smoke alarms 
    4. Any doors between house and attached garage must be equipped with self-closing devices, and walls separating house and attached garage must be gas and fume proof
    5. Exterior lighting over doorways
  10. Final: Structure must be fully complete.