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Construction Waste

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Construction waste includes building materials such as rubble, brick, wood, lead or other hazardous substances.

You are required to sort/separate your construction waste. The fee for "Sorted Waste" is $106.12 per ton and $212.24 per ton for "Unsorted Waste".

Categories for Construction Waste:

Household: Insulation, plastic, glass, shingles, drywall

Wood: Plywood, laminate flooring, sub flooring, construction wood (2 X 4's) & furniture

Metal: Nails, rebar, lead, copper, aluminum, electrical wiring

Concrete: Rubble, brick, cement

Asbestos Waste Handling and Disposal Procedures

The Town of Saugeen Shores will accept asbestos at the Southampton Landfill Site.

The waste hauler shall notify the Southampton Landfill Operations 24 hours prior to delivery of waste asbestos. The Public Works contact number is 519-832-2008 or the Southampton Landfill Site is 519-797-2863.  Public Works Staff must communicate directly with the waste hauler for details of quantity and establish a pre-determined time for arrival of the waste asbestos.

Waste asbestos transported to a waste disposal site shall:

  • be in a rigid, impermeable, sealed container of sufficient strength to accommodate the weight and nature of the waste,
  • where the container is a cardboard box, the waste must be sealed in a six-mil polyethylene bag placed within the box,
  • every container (box, polyethylene bags) must be free from punctures, tears or leaks, and
  • external surfaces of every container must be free from asbestos waste.

Town Staff has the right to refuse at their discretion.