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Driveway Permits

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When is a Driveway Permit Required?

Before putting in any type of driveway/entrance into a property from a municipally owned road, you must apply for a driveway permit.

Driveway Application Process

  • An inspector will come to inspect your proposed driveway/entrance.  If approved for installation, you will be contacted by staff and if requested, a signed copy of your driveway permit will be sent to you. Please allow for at least two weeks to receive driveway approval.
  • The copy of the driveway permit will also indicate if you need to install a culvert under your driveway/entrance (and will give the type and size of culvert if needed).
  • After the driveway/entrance has been installed, you will need to call the Building Department to book a final inspection.
  • If your new driveway/entrance passes the final inspection you will be contacted by staff and if requested, a copy of your entrance permit with the final inspection signature will be sent to you.

How to Apply for a Driveway Permit

  • Fill out an Application for a Driveway Permit or pick up a paper application at the Town Office
  • Submit your completed application form and required documents to the Town Office in person
  • Pay the required driveway permit fee and deposit

Permit Fee

A fee of $255.00 is collected at the time of applying for a driveway permit. $55.00 is retained for the inspection of the driveway and $200.00 is refunded once we have confirmed the driveway complies with the approved application.