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Taxi and Limousine Licence

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Business Licensing By-law 98-2004 sets out the requirements that each Taxi business must follow.

When submitting an application each year, the following must accompany the Taxi or Limousine Application.

  • Completed Application
  • Appropriate Licence Fee $182.07 (yearly rate of $46.82 per vehicle)
  • Mechanical Safety Check for all vehicles
  • Ministry of Transportation Driver's Abstracts for each Driver
  • Criminal Checks by the local Police Department for all drivers
  • Vulnerable Sector Checks by the local Police Department for each Driver,
  • Photograph of each Driver, and
  • Proof of Insurance.

Each vehicle is issued a Saugeen Shores Taxi Licence Plate, which must be attached to the rear bumper of each vehicle.

Each driver will be issued a Saugeen Shores identification card, which must be visible at all times while working.