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Urban Chicken Registry

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By-law 42-2017 allows landowners within the urban areas of Saugeen Shores to keep up to 5 hens on their property. The by-law was passed with the intention of studying the effect of chickens, through a modest pilot program, within the urban areas of Saugeen Shores until May 8th, 2019 at which time Council may consider extending the permission or allowing the by-law to lapse.

To participate in the pilot program, you need to submit a registry form if you want to keep hens on your property in the urban areas of Saugeen Shores.

All forms are reviewed for compliance with the Chicken By-law.

What we regulate

The Chicken By-law regulates only the keeping of hens in urban areas. All existing agricultural/rural areas of Town may continue to raise hens in accordance with good farming practices.

The current by-law permits only those properties zoned R1, R2, and PD that are at least 1000 m2 in area to participate in the program. Landowners must reside on the property on which the hens are to be kept.

Hens, and their coops, must be located in the rear yard and shall be at least 1.5 m from all property lines and at least 5 m from any dwelling unit on an adjacent property.


While no permit is required, landowners wishing to keep hens must advise the Town and be placed on a Registry. Landowners provide basic information about the property, a site plan of the property and how chickens will be kept on it to ensure compliance with the provisions of the by-law.

How to Register


  • More than 5 hens
  • Roosters
  • Sales of eggs and other chicken related products
  • Butchering and slaughtering of hens


All coops must be well maintained and all food and spaces shall be maintained to keep rodents away, all in accordance with the details contained in the By-law.

Length of Permission

The by-law is in effect until May 8, 2019.