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Frequently Asked Questions - Election

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Do you have a question about the upcoming municipal election?  See Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my website link not work?

You may not be entering the entire website address. Copy the link below, and paste into your internet browser (not search engine).

Why have I not received my letter in the mail?
The Voter Notification Letters have been mailed.  If you have not received one, we may not have you on the Voters List.  Please contact the Municipal Office.  Proof of residency is required.

Who is Eligible to Vote?
To be an eligible elector in Saugeen Shores, you must be on Election Day:

  • A Canadian Citizen
  • At least 18 years of age
  • A resident of Saugeen Shores, or the owner or tenant of land in Saugeen Shores, or the spouse, or same sex partner, of an owner or tenant; (including cottages; and trailers within campgrounds) and
  • Not prohibited from voting under any law.

Voter Instructions?
If you are on the Voters’ List you will receive a Voter Notification Letter in the mail prior to the Election providing instructions and a secure 

PIN # to use to vote. You  can vote online or by telephone starting:

Friday, October 12 at 10:00am until Monday, October 22 at 8:00pm.

If using the internet, the entire web address, including the URL must be added in the address bar of your internet browser.  DO NOT insert into a search engine. 

Saugeen Shores is divided into 3 Wards. 2 Councillors will be elected from each Ward. You will be entitled to vote for up to 2 candidates running in the Ward in which you live or own property in. To view Ward boundaries and see which candidates are running in your Ward, click here.

Port Elgin Ward
Saugeen Ward
Southampton Ward

Need Assistance?
If you need assistance using the internet, a Help Centre will be available at the Municipal Office on the following dates:

Weekdays: Friday, Oct. 12 to Friday, Oct. 19 8:30am - 4:30pm

Weekends: Saturday, Oct. 13   10 am - 4pm

                    Saturday, Oct. 20  10am - 4pm

                   Sunday, Oct. 21     10am - 4pm

Election Day: Monday, Oct 22, 8:30am - 8:00pm

What if I didn’t receive my Voter Notification Letter or misplaced it?
You need to contact the Municipal Office either by phone or email if you have not received your letter by October 1.  Identification that proves your identity and residence will need to be provided.

If I own 2 properties in Saugeen Shores, do I get 2 votes?
No, you are only entitled to vote in the Ward that you reside.  If you own property in two different wards and don’t reside in either Ward you can choose the Ward you vote in if you notify the Municipal Office and complete the necessary form.

Can I vote in a different Ward?
No, you can only vote in the Ward in which you live, unless the above scenario applies.

How can I receive my Voter Notification Letter before I leave for vacation?
If you are leaving for vacation before September 25  and will be away until after October 22 please have a family member redirect your mail if possible.  If you have not received your Voter Notification Letter before your departure, please visit the Municipal Office with your identification and pick up your replacement package.

Where do I Vote?
Anywhere you have access to the internet or telephone. Help Desks will be available for anyone requiring assistance. There are no polling stations.

Can cottage owners and spouses of owners vote?
Yes, if you are at least 18 years of age and are a Canadian citizen and not prohibited from voting under any law.

Students who reside away from home may vote in both places (in the municipality where they attend school and where their family resides) as long as the family residence is their permanent residence.

How do I get my Ballot?
Your Voter Notification Letter will be mailed to you with a secure PIN #.  You will then be able to sign onto the internet and cast your ballot online, or by using the telephone.

If you are on the Voters’ List, and have not received your Letter by October 1, 2018, please contact the Municipal Office. 

Am I on the Voters List?
Confirm you are on the Voters' List or email ; or call 519-832-2008 or 1-866-832-2008 Ext. 100.

What Ward do I live in?

Port Elgin Ward Map
Saugeen Ward Map
Southampton Ward Map

How do I Vote Using Internet or Telephone?
You will receive a notice in the mail providing instructions and a secure personal identification number (PIN) to use to vote by either the internet or telephone. You will be able to vote starting on Friday October 12 at 10:00 a.m. until Monday October 22, 2018 at 8:00 p.m.  There is no need to wait to vote on Voting Day as there will be no polls.  A Help Desk will be availalable at the Municipal Office if you have questions or require assistanc

If you have a question, please do not hesitate to call Municipal Office.  

Our staff are available to assist you, please call:  519-832-2008 or Toll Free 1-866-832-2008 Ext. 100.