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Geographic Information Systems

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A GIS (Geographic Information System) is a system of retrieving, storing, analysing, editing and displaying data that is spatially referenced to the Earth.  It is a system that can query information from databases and display that information in a mapping format.  Saugeen Shores is running our GIS using the ArcGIS mapping software program.

This GIS will contain mapping layers such as roads, water system infrastructure, sanitary system infrastructure and storm water system infrastructure as well as other pertinent Town infrastructure.  This GIS system will eventually act as the inventory of all the Town's physical assets.  The GIS group will work with all our Departments to facilitate the streamlining of information into the GIS.

The creation of this GIS is well underway and more information will be posted when it is available.  The Engineering and Public Works department has completed the majority of their asset mapping and we have plans to expand the GIS to other departments soon. 

It is our intention to work with the County of Bruce and create a GIS system that will work well with theirs.  You can find the Bruce County GIS information and maps at

***You may also notice a vehicle from Huron Geomatics travelling around early this spring in an SUV with cameras mounted on top collecting LiDAR data.  We are very excited to have been able to use this advanced technology for the past four years and are pleased to be able to continue doing so this year.