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Municipal Heritage Committee

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The following is a description and Mandate for our Municipal Heritage Committee.

A Municipal Heritage Committee has been established by By-law to advise Council on matters pertaining to historical and architectural matters under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Committee Members

  • Diane Huber, Council Representative, Chair
  • Neil Menage, Council Representative
  • Tracey Edwards, Staff Liaison
  • Joyce Johnston
  • Jane Kramer
  • Gabrielle DiFrancesco
  • Eric Rogers
  • G. William Streeter
  • Jenny Amy, Researcher
  • Grace Currie, Researcher
  • Duncan McCallum, Liaison and Researcher


Property Plaque Program

Plaques may be placed on architectural properties that are at least 50 years old and provide some insight into the community's heritage. These plaques include the year of construction, as well as the original owner's name and occupation.

View Application

Heritage Register

This is a listing of homes in a community that is determined to be of cultural heritage value or interest. This program serves as a foundation for local efforts in heritage conservation. Phases 1 and 2 of the heritage register have been completed, phase 3 is currently in progress.  See full list on Register here.

Phase I - By-law 3-2014

Phase II - By-law 31-2016

Phase III

Walking Tours

The Port Elgin and Southampton walking tours and Saugeen driving tour highlight the heritage buildings and properties of interest  within Saugeen Shores. View the walking tour maps.

Heritage Conservation Award

This award recognizes individual contribution to the promotion of heritage in the Town of Saugeen Shores, recipiants of this award often take on a leadership role in the restoration or preservation of heritage structures, volunteer public promotion of the importance of preserving significant heritage structures frequently, or possess personal items with historical relevance and share these items with the community. 

Learn more about the Heritage Award

Trees of Significance Program *NEW* 

Throughout Saugeen Shores there are many trees that stand out in the community as cultural and natural assets.These trees may have grown to be of a size and structure that they simply stand out within a neighbourhood or they may have been planted to commemorate events or celebrations within the community. They may just be absolutely beautiful trees that enhance the landscape or a tree that represents something very personal to someone. Our community is filled with trees having great significance as they contribute to our tree canopy; as beautiful and healthy additions to the municipal landscape and, also for the range of authentic emotional connections that people have with them.

Share your tree by posting a photo with the hashtag #saugeentrees or email the photo to

Interpretive Plaques

In conjunction with many partners, the Heritage Committee has erected interpretive plaques at various locations in Saugeen Shores to commemorate local history.  If you would like to see an Interpretive Plaque somewhere in the Town of Saugeen Shores, email

View the complete list of interpretive plaques

Tree Sculpture Program 

When a tree reaches the end of its lifespan, the tree sculpture program allows the tree to become a piece of art. Dead trees are sculpted into a variety of different works of art and the tree sculpture is to stand in the tree's original place.

For more information on any of the programs listed above, contact the Municipal Heritage Committee: