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Integrated Accessibility Standards / Regulation 191/11

Under the AODA, Ontario Regulation 191/11, entitled, “Integrated Accessibility Standards” came into force on July 1, 2011. This Regulation combined the accessibility standards of Information and Communication, Employment and Transportation.  

Some of the requirements are: developing policies to ensure that our communication is accessible to people with disabilities; ensuring we are able to provide information in a format that considers an individual’s disability; ensuring that our website is compliant with applicable standards; and developing policies on ensuring potential employees with disabilities receive appropriate accommodations during the recruitment phase.

The Integrated Accessibility Standards will be implemented in phases according to its staggered compliance deadlines.

As a result of Regulation 191/11, Council passed the 2013 Multi-Year Accessibility Plan.

Ministry of Economic Development, Trade & Employment

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Built Environment Standard

The Accessible Built Environment Standard will be the fifth and final Standard. This Standard has been released in draft form and there is no set date as to when it may be approved by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. This Standard is intended to help remove barriers in buildings and outdoor spaces for persons with disabilities.