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Protection of Privacy

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The Corporation of the Town of Saugeen Shores recognizes that not all requests for access to information need to be handled through the formal process. In the interests of excellent customer service and the streamlining of services and information flow, Saugeen Shores has appointed the Clerk as our Freedom of Information Officer to assist staff in determining what records the Town of Saugeen Shores already makes routinely available as well as providing tools and strategies for determining what other records may be covered by Municipal Freedom of Information of Protection and Privacy Act.

What is the Purposes of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act ?

The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) governs the collection, use and disclosure of information within municipalities in Ontario

The purpose of the Act is to:

a) provide a right of access to information under the control of institutions in accordance with the principles that,

i) information should be available to the public,

ii) necessary exemptions from the right of access should be limited and specific, and

iii) decisions on the disclosure of information should be reviewed independently of the institution controlling the information; and

b) protect the privacy of individuals with respect to personal information about themselves held by institutions and to provide individuals with a right of access to that information.

What is a Personal Information Bank?

The interest of personal information retained by an institution that is organized and allows personal information about an identifiable individual to be retrieved by that individual’s name or some other personal identifier. Personal information banks ban be about members of the public or employees of the reporting institution and recorded on computer disks, paper, fiche or other media.

Public Interest Defined

Public Interest is defined as the interest of the public in general, not of any individual or group of individuals. The interest may be a pecuniary one or one by which legal rights or liabilities are affected. It may be an interest in public health or safety or an interest in the maintenance of confidence in the conduct of government or in the administration of an institution.