Reopening the Arenas

COVID-19 update: August 26, 2021

Recreational facilities, amenities and programs

Facilities and amenities

The Centennial Pool is open. Ice rentals are available at the Plex. Community facilities such as halls and outdoor pavilions are open for bookings. Visit our COVID-19 page for all municipal updates.

Recreation programs

  • Refunds and account credits have been processed for cancelled programs
  • Anyone with questions may contact staff by email or 519-832-2008 ext 131
  • Visit our recreation page for information on programs and activities

Ice rentals, protocols and schedules

Complete COVID-19 screening

Please review important information below prior to your arrival.

Screening protocols

All participants and spectators must screen for COVID-19 symptoms prior to arriving at the arenas. Use Ontario's screening tool or screening tool provided by your sport organization.

If you or any member of your household have any symptoms or cannot pass the screening questions, do not come to the arena. Individual user groups may have their own screening protocols in place. 

If you feel sick, please stay home.

 Ice rentals

How to book

  1. Review our COVID-19 Conditions of Use - Private Ice Rentals
  2. Email the Programs and Facilities Booking Coordinator or call 519-832-2008 ext. 131
  3. Complete and submit your COVID-19 Safety PlanConditions of Use - Private Ice Rentals and Group Waiver. Review due dates below.
  4. Send a copy of your safety plan and the conditions to use to all participants in your group
  5. Review facility flow plans and expectations prior to arrival

Required paperwork

  1. COVID-19 Safety Plan: This must be completed by the person who holds the rental agreement for the ice rental. This will allow the Town to confirm that the person holding the rental has a plan in place to keep the participants in their group safe and to mitigate risk.
  2. COVID-19 Conditions of Use: This document must be signed by the person who holds the rental agreement. This will demonstrate that he/she has an understanding and agrees to the terms and conditions of their rental during COVID-19. The Terms and Conditions are to be sent to each participant in the rental agreement holder's group to ensure there is a clear understanding of terms and conditions of the rental.
  3. Group Waiver: This document must be signed by the person who holds the rental agreement.
  4. Paperwork due dates:
    1. Rentals on Saturday, Sunday and Monday: due Thursday prior by 4:30pm
    2. Rentals on Tuesday to Friday: due 24 hours prior to rental time
    3. Rental will be cancelled if paperwork is not received by due date):

The online forms will be automatically distributed to staff.


  • Prime time (after 5pm, weekends anytime): $164.02+HST per hour
  • Non prime time (weekdays before 5pm): $116.73+HST per hour
  • Last minute ice (booked within 24 hours): $70.88+HST per hour
  • Insurance: $5.09 per ice rental under 3 hours, per season rates are available for recurring bookings
COVID-19 facility protocols

Current protocols are in place until Labour Day (September 6) and are subject to change based on Provincial regulations and capacity limitations.

Face coverings or masks

  • Face coverings or masks are required in all areas of the facility except on the ice surface
  • Face coverings or masks are required until participants have their helmet on, ready to enter ice


  • Can arrive in street clothes, get dressed and undressed in dressing rooms
  • Washrooms will be open in dressing rooms, showers are permitted
  • Absolutely no spitting, snorting or snotting on ice surface, players benches or dressing rooms
  • Absolutely no sharing of water bottles
  • Participants will return to dressing rooms when exiting ice
  • Participants are required to wear a mask until their helmet is on in the dressing room
  • Do not exit dressing room to enter ice surface until buzzer sounds


  • Spectators must screen and sign-in before entering the stands
  • Siblings are permitted under their direct supervision of parent/caregiver
  • Exit facility no later than 20 minutes following end of ice time
  • Must remain in designated spectator areas and maintain physical distance at all times
  • Public washrooms will be available
  • Masks are required at all times
  • Masks may be removed when eating or drinking

Facility access

  • Access will be provided 25 minutes before ice time
  • User groups will have 20 minutes to exit the facility after leaving the ice
  • Spectators/parents/caregivers should exit facility unless they need to assist the participant
  • Off-ice warm-ups or dryland training are not permitted inside the facility
  • Everyone is expected to follow COVID-19 signage, hand sanitizing protocols and physical distancing practices
  • The lobby is closed for viewing

Food and drink

  • No shared food or drinks are permitted
  • Individual food or beverages are permitted
  • Masks may be removed to eat or drink
  • Water bottle fill stations will be open but try to arrive with a full water bottle
  • Garbage must be deposited in waste containers, not left behind on benches, dressing room floors or in stands
Plex facility flow

Saugeen Shores Community Complex

View the Complex's facility flow plan, and review the details below. Current protocols are in place until Labour Day (September 21) and are subject to change based on Provincial regulations and capacity limitations. This current plan is designed for private ice rentals, minor sports and recreational groups.

Facility entrance and lobby

Participants and spectators enter through the same entrance. Siblings are permitted.

  • Enter through the main Plex entrance
  • Arrive no earlier than 25 minutes prior to rental
  • Exit facility no later than 20 minutes after exiting the ice surface
  • Everyone must stop and check-in the group's screener (in the arena lobby) before entering the dressing rooms or stands. Sanitize hands.
  • Everyone must actively screen prior to arrival
  • Check board for dressing room and spectator zone assignments
  • Proceed to dressing rooms or stands
  • Participants using the Club Room exit through the north west lobby exit

Ice entry and exit

Parents/caregivers are permitted in the dressing room to assist. Masks must be worn at all times. Participants are required to wear a mask until their helmet is on in the dressing room.

If parent/caregiver assistance is not required, enter stands from lobby.

  • Three dressing rooms will be assigned per ice time
  • Users may get dressed and undressed in dressing rooms
  • Dressing room washrooms will be available
  • Showering is permitted
  • Participants remain in their dressing room until the buzzer sounds at start of ice time
  • All participants can return back to dressing rooms to remove equipment

In the event of an emergency, occupants should leave the facility through the closest exit regardless of facility flow.

 Recreational (public) skating

We are planning for recreational (public) skating to return at the Plex and Southampton Coliseum after Thanksgiving weekend including adult, parent and tot, family and traditional public skating.

Information about the schedule, fees and COVID-19 protocols and registration requirements will be updated in early October. 

Contact us

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us by phone at 519-832-2008 ext 131 or email.


Both facilities offer:

  • Multi-purpose rooms and halls
  • Canteens
  • Off-season floor rentals

The Southampton Coliseum is also home to the Southampton Curling Club.