We participate in the Province's Ontario Electricity Emergency Plan, which we use whenever there is a large-scale electricity emergency. Electrical authorities and the Ontario Ministry of Energy send three types of power advisories to alert the public of power disruptions.

Power Advisory

Power advisories are issued when electricity is in short supply. You will be asked to reduce and conserve your electricity consumption.

Power Warning

Power Warning are issued when there is a high concern about reliable electricity supply and emergency control actions are needed. You will be asked to immediately reduce your electricity consumption.

If there is a further increase for electricity demand or a reduction in supply, your electricity service may be disrupted for about 30 minutes to an hour. Advance warning may not be possible for these disruptions.

Power Emergency

Power Emergencies are issued when long term service disruptions are needed.

We work with electrical authorities like Hydro One and Westario Power when these advisories are issued. We also have plans in place to address localized electrical emergencies or disasters, caused by nature, humans or technology.

Please allow for Hydro One, Westario Power, the Town and the Emergency Control Group to perform their work if the electrical emergency affects the larger community.

How to prepare for a power outage

Follow these steps to be fully prepared for a power outage in Saugeen Shores:

  • Listen to the media for information from the Province, Hydro One and Westario Power about power advisories, warnings and emergencies
  • Keep a portable radio and extra batteries so you can receive emergency information
  • Prepare an emergency survival kit for your home
  • Keep a cordless, cellular phone in your home to use for emergencies
  • Do not call 9-1-1 to report a power outage. These lines are needed for medical, fire and police emergencies
  • Learn how to reduce electricity consumption by visiting Hydro One or Westario Power

For more information, visit Hydro One, Westario Power, the Ontario Ministry of Energy or the Independent Electricity Market Operator.