We offer snow clearing services on municipal roads in Saugeen Shores during the winter months. No matter what the weather conditions, our top priority is to maintain driveable roads for our residents. Our crews make every effort to clear roads and sidewalks as quickly and effectively as possible. We maintain 473.5 km of roads and 49.2 km of sidewalks, so your patience is appreciated. 

Winter Storm Response

During periods of heavy snowfall, our Road Patrol Personnel assesses the rate of snow and deploys snowplows in priority order.

In the event of overnight snow, we usually deploy snowplows and sidewalk plows at 3:00 am to prepare roads and sidewalks for motorists' and pedestrians' safe travel in the morning. We also deploy large trucks to haul snow away from roadways with the plows.

Please have patience and allow for occasional noise in the mornings. This is due to the size of the snow clearing machinery. We work early when traffic levels are low and conditions are safest for us to work. Safety is our primary concern. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The early morning work allows for clear roads in time for commuting to work and school.

View ourWinter Operations Plan for more information on our Winter Maintenance Program and plow routes. This plan explains how long it can take to clear the roads and sidewalks after an event, and the depth of snow when snow clearing is required. This is a province-wide regulation, though Saugeen Shores strives to exceed these requirements by being as quick to clear the snow as possible with the labour and equipment resources available.

Significant Weather Event

The Town of Saugeen Shores may declare a 'significant weather event' when the weather conditions or the weather forecast meet certain criteria as per Regulation 239/02. The Town of Saugeen Shores will notify the public on our website, social media and a message will be sent to local radio stations. In these situations, the Town is notifying the public that it may not have the ability to meet the maintenance standards during the event. It may take longer or the snow may be deeper during this period.

For additional information on the declaration of significant weather events, view Ontario Regulation 239/02.

Winter Parking Restrictions

In accordance with our Parking By-law, you may not park any vehicle on municipal streets between 2:00 am and 8:00 am between November 1 and March 31 every year. Check our Parking App for parking options. This includes on the boulevard. Any vehicles obstructing traffic or interfering with snow removal operations will be issued a ticket or removed at the owner's expense. Parking in Municipal Parking Lots cannot interfere with the clearing of snow from the lot and could result in tickets or removal.

Any vehicles that obstruct traffic or interfere with snow clearing will be issued a ticket or removed at the owner's expense.

Placement of Snow on Municipal Right-of-Ways

Residents of the Municipality of Saugeneen Shores are reminded that, pursuant to Section 181 of the Highway Traffic Act and our Traffic By-law: No person shall deposit snow or ice on a roadway without permission in writing to do so from the Ministry or the Road Authority responsible for the maintenance of the road R.S.O 1990, c. 181. Placing snow and ice on roads can interfere with road maintenance and safety. Be a good neighbour and do not place snow on the sidewalks, as this makes it difficult for pedestrians and may slow down a crew's efforts to clear sidewalks.


The Town of Saugeen Shores and snow plow operators are not responsible for any damages that can occur to a homeowner's property deemed to be on municipal right of ways, during snow clearing operations. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fences
  • Mailboxes
  • Entranceways
  • Entrance signage
  • Sprinkler systems

Plow operators must deposit snow onto or near driveways to clear roads. There is no practical way to plow the roads without depositing snow onto driveways. 

Municipal staff and snow plow operators appreciate your cooperation and will continue to maintain the municipal road system to the best of their ability.


The Town clears sidewalks where shown on the Winter Operations Plan. This is reviewed annually. Some sidewalks are not cleared and are considered closed for the winter. The Town simply does not have the resources to provide this service throughout the Town. 

The Town does not clear any of the trails in the winter season, including the bike routes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with snow I clear from my property?

Pile the snow on your property. It is illegal to push snow onto the road. In accordance with the Highway Traffic Act and our Traffic By-law, you may not place snow or ice on roads without written permission from the Ministry of Transportation or the road's authority body. Placing snow and ice on roads can interfere with road maintenance and safety.

Please be careful not to pile snow around fire hydrants. Our emergency services staff need access to hydrants year round and timing is crucial. 

Can the Town remove snow they have put at the end of my driveway?
The Town of Saugeen Shores does not have the resources available to provide that level of services. Residents are responsible for clearing the end of their driveways. 
Who is responsible for clearing snow around Canada Post mailboxes?
Canada Post is responsible for clearing the snow and ice around mailboxes. Contact Canada Post at 1-800-267-1177 for more information.
I live on a corner lot. Why does the plow put so much snow in front of my house?

If you live on a corner property and the driveway is close to the corner, you can experience a buildup of more snow on your driveway than do your neighbours. This is an unavoidable condition caused by the nature of the snow plow and its ability to maneuver turns.

Shovel your snow in the direction of traffic to reduce the amount of snow the ends up in your driveway. So, if you are looking at your house when standing on the street, pile the snow on your boulevard, left of your driveway.

Why is my lawn sometimes damaged by the sidewalk plow?

While snow plow operators try their best to be careful, some degree of damage is unavoidable. Sidewalk plows have to be large enough to move deep, heavy snow. Deep or drifted snow conditions often hide the sidewalk edge and, unfortunately, the plow can cause damage to the grass.

Some older sidewalks in the Town of Saugeen Shores are narrow, and are yet to be replaced. The Town will repair the damage in the spring when they are aware of it. You can help prevent damage by placing stakes around bends to help direct the plow driver.

Why does the plow leave a windrow to block my driveway?
Please understand our plow operators do not intentionally try to block driveways with snow. With the number of driveways in Town, it is not practical for snow plow operators to lift their blades at every driveway. Snow plow equipment is put into operation to clear the snow off the roadway, and in order for this to occur, the blade must stay in contact with the road surface at all times. The Town of Saugeen Shores does not clear driveways.  
Why is my sidewalk not being plowed?
The Town clears as many sidewalks as they can with the resources they have.  The Council approved Winter Operations Plan shows which sidewalks are currently cleared.  Sidewalk clearing is prioritized by the downtowns, access to business, schools and school bus stops.  Some older sidewalks cannot be cleared because of their narrow width and the damage that would be caused to the grass by the equipment.  

Other tips

You can help by:

  • Placing garbage cans and recycling bins in the driveway and not in snow banks
  • Making sure fire hydrants are cleared near your property
  • Clearing snow from catchbasins
  • Reminding children not to climb snowbanks near the road or to build forts in this area